Winter streetwear sample sale listings

Sample sale season is upon us, or so it would appear, with at least 3 big streetwear sales happening around the Shoreditch area in the next two weeks. Brands involved include 10.Deep, Alife, aNYthing, Billionaire Boys Club, Gourmet, HUF, Mishka, REBEL8, Stussy, The Hundreds, and a load more. Here’s where you’ll find all the info you need to know.

a number of names* sample sale:

Brands: aNYthing, Billionaire Boys Club, Gourmet + ‘special guests’
When: Thursday December 1st – Monday December 5th
Where: Number 7 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, London, E1 6QL

East London’s own A Number Of Names agency kick off the proceedings with up to 80% off tees, sweats, footwear and more.

Sampled: Sicker Than Your Average Sample Sale

Brands: Alife, Stussy, Generic Surplus, AnyForty, Stones Throw and more.
When: Saturday December 3rd – Sunday December 4th
Where: Bar Music Hall, 134 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3AR

Sampled combines clothing with live art, music, and a record fair, all under one roof. 15 brands, 10 DJs, 6 record dealers, 1 artist, 1 nail bar, 2 days. Most of the brands are a bit naff (Fenchurch, Dephect and Osiris to name a few), but there’s bound to be a few gems from the others.

Christmas Warehouse Sale – Bristol

Brands: Boundless NY, Diamond Supply Co, King Apparel, Nike 6.0 and more
When: Saturday December 3rd – Sunday December 4th
Where: Unit 4, Rose Green Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS5 7XE

Flipping things over a little and moving to Bristol, Kickzoo get together with King Apparel and skate distributors Rock Solid for 50-70% off clothing and skateboard hardware. Diamond Supply and Boundless are the jewels in the crown to be found here.

Out Of Step Streetwear Sample Sale

Brands: 10.Deep, Benny Gold, Brixton, HUF, Mishka, REBEL8, ROOK, and The Hundreds
When: Thursday December 8th – Sunday December 11th
Where: East Gallery, 214 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA

The infamous sale hosted by US streetwear distributors Out Of Step returns to Brick Lane for 4 days, with up to 80% off samples and clearance stock (including samples from the current Winter ’11 season), plenty of snapbacks, beanies, tees, sweats, shirts and footwear from some of the USA’s biggest brands.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Jaymo

    Definately hitting the Rebel8 sale!!!

  • Paul

    Dephect aren’t naff. One of my favourite brit brands. Buy British! Quality and designs a lot more original and better than many of the overhyped overpriced USA brands you’ve listed.

  • harry

    what’s with the bitching about sound UK brand Dephect? successful uk street wear should be applauded, i’d take them any day over american brands.

  • cal

    shame. no need for hating on british brands. daily street used to be all about british brands but now it’s all american/out of step types. i can read about the hundreds anywhere thanks. keep it british.

  • Suffocake

    Woah there guys. No hate, or bitching here whatsoever. I’ve never been one for Dephect, that’s all I’m saying. There are plenty of British brands I admire and enjoy.

  • waddup

    man, dephect aren’t exactly mould breaking. just looks the same as fenchurch to me, except with a few funny outwear pieces, like those penfield-esque jackets. anyway, fairplay to anyone calling it naff, its hardly the freshest…

  • cal

    dephect blazed a trail as one of the first modern uk street wear brands . they’ve been going since 1999 and got shops across the world carrying their range and newer uk brands owe them if not a debt of gratitude at least not sniping.

    if u really genuinely believe they look like fenchurch, there’s nothing to say to that. chalk and cheese. fenchurch is dull republic fodder.

  • Paul

    If u don’t like summat dont report it. Like my nan always says, got nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. But don’t be slating a hardworkin brand.


    Dephect team clearly commenting on this, lame.

    Usually Id par this off but Im going in..

    Dephect’s designs are dated, if I wanted some rehash graffiti style designs using a wacom tablet I’d go to the 50 other brands doing it on twitter and then ignore the fact they’re marketing and website is god awful…

    thankfully I’m not into watching back to back episodes of ‘Dont Flop’ and spitting british hiphop and more about seeing something new and innovative in street wear, times change and tastes expand, the majority of us get tired of seeing the same old garb and aren’t stuck in the past..

    As for ‘Use to be all about British’? well seeing as the majority of DECENT street wear is U.S brands, who have a longer legacy and a richer culture in that area then I don’t really need to be reading about King Apparel and Trinotron, wake up and realise most of the brand ‘British’ brands have everything manufactured in the U.S or China and take influence from across the pond, unless you want to be wearing tees with big ben on them? wait…don’t answer that.

    CAL – blazed a trail? you are joking… every brand does their bit but don’t start making out their some kind street wear spartan and that the retail world is 300, no brands owe them shit..inspiration definitely isn’t taken from them by the majority and each brand does their own thing, just cos they did it back in 99′ doesnt make them any better.

    PAUL – every brand works hard, try make one then tell us how it is..
    and secondly U.S brands shut it down, the UK is not yet evolved enough for there to be a solid amount of good brands yet.

    TDS has their own opinion, you don’t need to go ape shit just cos you’re walking around in your king apparel snapback, kid robot t-shirt and evisu jeans and don’t agree with it…

  • Paul

    I’m nowt to do with Dephect for the record. Just showing some respect against the haters.

  • Liam The Human

    I’m all for having your own opinion (especially when streetwear is currently over-run with trend followers without a brain cell) but Dephect? Really!? They’re made for dodgy club photos – headphones shaped like hearts, way too many vinyl records and even some skull and crossed microphones thrown in for good measure.

    If Suffocake or anyone from TDS had been praising Henleys or Gio-Goi, you’d have been going mental but just because Dephect aren’t quite as “mainstream” or over-used by chavs and low lives, you are getting all defensive about “British streetwear”.

  • cal

    NOTHING to do with Dephect thanks. Unnecessary bitching doesn’t suit anyone and is just plain annoying. who’s going ape shit? ain’t me writing the essay! haha

  • Avenjah

    hey, i’m no big dephect fan, but can understand why the lack of respect, to write off a brand that’s been around a while as naff, has got some people’s backs up. Many people don’t like adn wouldn’t wear the hundreds or bbc but can appreciate what they’re trying to do and wouldn’t write them off so easily and in public on a blog. 20-somethings putting together a blog in their spare time writing off businesses that have come before them is just plain tired. like every young gun is rewriting history. boring. the world did exist before grads started working for a livin. personally, given the option, i’d rather wear a tee with a vinyl record print than bomb or a naked girl but that’s just my opinion.

  • hpl

    This whole argument whereby people have to show ‘respect’ to a brand they don’t dig. He called Dephect ‘a bit naff’.. the fuck’s wrong with that? You’re still allowed to go to the sample sale and buy it so chill out. I think it’s refreshing that the writers are giving their honest personal thoughts; it’s nice to see artistic credibility remains intact.
    Avenjah surely it doesn’t matter what age the writers are? Calling a brand ‘a bit naff’ is not discrediting the history of it, just a passing comment on what’s happened since then.
    Also, why has nobody kicked off about applying to Fenchurch?
    It’s because you’re fine to keep silent about things you agree on but love to pounce on things you don’t agree on.

  • yoboy

    haha, fenchurch are tosh, every1 agrees with that 1! took a look at dephect site, looked alright. plenty more naff brands out there. peeps rave about the hundreds but it’s the same-old same-old. (“it’s the bomb!” didn’t your grandparents use that saying??) and bbc prices are CRIMINAL!!!

  • Matt

    Just found out about this post from another brand at the sample sale we did over the weekend. We don’t normally go on the daily street but when we heard about the people sticking up for us on here we just wanted to say thanks to those that have, it means a lot. For the record this is the first time anyone connected to Dephect has commented on a post. Obviously what we make isn’t going to appeal to everyone, fashion would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things. We try to represent a culture we love, enjoy what we do, and not take ourselves too seriously. Anyway, thanks again for the positive comments. Have a good Christmas everyone. Matt@Dephect.