indcsn Winter 2011 collection

One of my favourite things about writing about brands from the UK is being able to watch them develop with every season, and grow in the quality and depth of their product range. Indcsn are nothing but a fine example that, as they release their Winter collection for 2011 and step it up another level.

Graphically, and garment-wise, it’s pretty simple, with three tees, a hood and a crewneck, alongside 6 beanies, and a few previously featured pieces of headwear – but a closer look reveals that it really is all in the details. With fleece manufactured in both Europe and Canada, tees made and printed in the US, and beanies hand made in Scotland, the collection is somewhat of a world tour of manufacture. A basic black/black logo tee is joined by the ‘People Will Rise’ T-shirt and crewneck, featuring a black and white photo print of Brixton Skatepark, and the Hermes & Aphrodite tee and zip hoody, with front and back print of the Greek gods.

The imagery below makes use of the brand’s recent collaboration with US brand Dertbag (the ‘KILL’ 5 panel), a relationship which looks set to continue into 2012, and their collaborative snapbacks with Leeds’ The Chimp Store, and also gives us a glimpse at their soon to be released button-down flannel shirts. Rounding the collection off are three ‘Kill Yourself’ beanies and three embroidered ‘Set It Off’ beanies, as shown in the final image.

With the attention placed firmly on the quality of each and every piece, this collection allows Indcsn to make an important step outside of UK streetwear, and see’s them compete on a global level – something I feel that unfortunately, many UK brands struggle to achieve. With a full range of caps (and the aforementioned button ups) to follow, the collection is available online from Indcsn now. Check out the lookbook – shot by Joseph Dawson and Jonathan Paine of Black Mill Photography – below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • BigSpender.

    a few of these bits look very similar to a well known London brand??!!!

  • Ade

    meh. global level?? blah blah blah, trying to justify the dephect hate much?

  • Jase

    Range looks weak, And £70 for a jumper?! £30 a tee?! Are they mad?

  • Foreal

    There are so many better brands hailing from the UK and you feature this shit? What’s up with that? Must be mates I’m guessing?

  • Suffocake

    @Foreal never met the guys behind Indcsn in all honesty, but they do seem like good dudes. Let me know what UK brands you think we’re missing and I’ll gladly check them out.

  • Scott

    I think this was a well worthy published post. Josh who runs the brand does a good job, and it may not be at everyones standards, but hes doing what he can do to keep the brand alive. I’m digging the “underdog (the band)” esq logo bobble hat too. Everyone’s doing it, but its smashing it so why not jump on it as well i guess?

  • cam

    “Everyone’s doing it, but its smashing it so why not jump on it as well i guess?”

    classic quote ……

  • cal

    INDCSN are on thin ice, I think if the brand want to succeed they need to think freshly about what steps there going to take in there next collection. The brand it seems are doing well in terms of sales. The clothes they present do appeal to some people but not enough. I think the brand need to think more universally in what they design. Its only my opinion though. I hope the brand develops to be successful in the coming year.


    they started off really well, just not feeling any of these pieces, especially that beanie :s

  • dannyweed

    that beanie looks like a toomuchposse bite….

  • dannyweed

    and the black on black logo tee is pretty similar too…mmmmmmm

  • Phillipe

    I don’t see the Too Much Posse rip at all. I’m new to the brand but looking back at their New York Hardcore style from past releases it just looks like some Madball graphic from the 90s. Fair play to them, I would wear a good amount of it. The sweatshirt is interesting though £70 is pretty steep if its not the dogs bollocks.

  • Geoff

    All the logo types, whether this or TMP are rips of old graff writers so to claim one is stepping on the other is pretty dumb.If only doing stuff in b/w was an issue everyone would be biting BxH. This collection seems alright, it’s all very ‘nice’ just doesn’t spark any interest.