My Yard AW11 Collection

Bristol based clothing brand My Yard offer up a strong Navajo inspired collection for Autumn/Winter, with a specific inundation of pocket tees and contrast designs.

Offering a far more professional outlook than most other UK brands, My Yard have a strong footing in place for the end of this year with this collection. Reminiscent of Tantum with some of their contrast ‘Navajo’ pocket tees; My Yard, whilst being inspired by other influential designs, has also offered it’s own take on seasonal trends, as is apparent in the ‘Nordic’ design, a much more brash version of it’s Navajo brother, available in Petrol Blue.

Staying true to their original premises, the brand have teamed up with another independent artist to feature within their collection, this time that artist is ”Dooom”. As a result of the collaboration, the ”Tribal Up” design has emerged, taking the seasonal palette of My Yard, whilst offering an alternative style in both a crewneck and tee.

Given that the brand themselves are claiming to be growing rapidly, the brand looks set to only grow further in 2012. The whole collection is available now from Chemical Records, Urban Industry & My Yard.

Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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    Love the Palace rip-off tee the best


    Also that navahjo print pocket tee is rad….. never seen anybody do that before!!! Oh wait….

  • B

    lol big up tombreaks

  • Hunter

    Yeah I agree, I love the palace-themed tee with that groovy oblique logo in a box. more pocket tees!

    can never have enough pocket tees…

  • Matt

    Why is the this blog turning into a breeding ground for uneducated haters! “oh wait” …… because you all know better.


    @TOMBREAKS … jealous?
    the whole range looks sick!


    I wasn’t aware that Palace Skateboards designed the Impossible Triangle or the ‘Penrose Triangle’ either – as far as I was aware it was created by Oscar Reutersvard about 100 years ago!

  • Tommy

    Been into the shop, bought lots from the collection. They’re really friendly in there, told me they’re getting a fresh new site in a couple of weeks too. Big up the guys they’re doing Bristol proud.

  • bear

    why do people associate the penrose triangle starting with palace, people have used it on clothes way before palace were even around. my yards quality is also about 10 times better…


    All of this looks well designed, well executed and good quality. However, I can buy ALL of these types of garments in Topman (check if you don’t believe me). As a “streetwear” brand (or any independent brand) you need to be releasing designs and garments that are forward thinking. By doing that you will build a loyal fan base and potentially start a movement. All this being said, you guys clearly have the skills to develop your brand in the right way.

  • BEJ

    The Navajo pockets and chest prints have been in available SEVEN for months before this came around, they also do plenty of other designs and with true HAND MADE quality.
    That being said nothing is original, but how you present it is!

  • cal

    I agree with @The Real…. the designs do look slightly on the topman side. However I do think one or two garments within the collection look nice.. the aztec wheel print being my favourite.

  • derp

    pockets are in this season! i know lets put pockets on everything

  • NAD

    Firstly, shouts to My Yard for their latest collection. The prints are great and watching the brand expand from a concession store to having their own place on Park Street tells me they’re certainly doing something right. Secondly, Tom Breaks, what a nob. Co-Founder & Editor of Breaks of 10 / Marketing Executive at Holler London / UK Brand Direction & Marketing for Quintin and last of all, best not leave this out, DJ! Certainly a busy man! You would have thought with all his time in ‘the industry’ he would have had a minute to gather his thoughts before puking over his laptop and making comments about brands he clearly knows nothing about. Oh well, 30,000 + tweets at the pace of Linford Christie makes me think Tom has some kind of narcissistic personality disorder – fuck em! All the best My Yard.

  • Hunter

    For me personally, when someone like palace brings some icon into ‘streetwear’ they are revitalising it by shedding new light on it by presenting it in a certain way. Even though it was on clothes before, they have built up a brand aesthetic with that symbol at its core. I guess it just feels uncomfortable to see it in this collection, now we have it so solidly imprinted in our memory as being something of a trademark or certianly of strong association with palace. And I guess its no place for me to say seeing as I know hardly anything about how hard it is to start/maintain a streetwear brand, but I have much more respect for people out there who are pushing boundaries rather than following trends. Needless to say this is a solid, clean collection, but I think they could do more. Is that fair?