Norse Projects Spring ’12 Pre-Collection

Danes Norse Projects have consistently provided us with faultless collections, and their ‘Pre’ Spring 2012 is no exception to this trend. The collection gives a teaser of their wares for the months ahead, maintaining practicality and style throughout.

This time round the collection seems to draw most of its inspiration from vintage American sportswear instead of their native workwear heritage, with a focus on hoods and sweats. The collection begins with the Magnus hoodie and Jarl sweatpants, possibly the coolest two-piece tracksuit I’ve ever seen. There’s the Visby crewneck sweat, highlighting ‘Norse’ across the chest with their symbolic waves beneath, a simple and understated jumper and a staple for any Norse head’s wardrobe. The Frey logo knit showcases the Scandinavians attention to detail, constructed from extra fine lambswool – another simplistic piece. Next is the Neils printed tee, printed with the vintage varsity-esque ‘Good For All Seasons’ – a weaker piece in the collection, but still plenty of appeal.

The classic flat cap, with the adjustable strap at the back is my favorite part of the collection, is available in two colours, and finally the beanies, in a new ribbed style, again incorporating the extra fine lambswool to provide another timeless piece of headgear. This Pre-Spring collection has us eagerly anticipating what else Norse have to come this season. All items are provided in multiple colorways and available now from End Clothing now.

Hugo Sapsed

Hugo is a sneaker specialist with a passion for collecting. His specialist knowledge base extends from sneakers to streetwear and everything in between.

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  • Mynameistom

    Damn you Norse Projects, every time I get paid a large chunk goes immediately into your pocket. Clean collection as always, although 115 euros for sweat pants is a bit excessive.

  • rob

    Norse Projects always hits the nail on the head

  • Streetwear Blog

    Nice collection. Feeling the cap especially!