Dark Nature Clothing ‘002’ Collection

South Wales’ Dark Nature Clothing today dropped their second release – titled 002 – consisting of two T-shirts, a crewneck sweat, and an embroidered maroon beanie, each displaying the brands clean and simple graphic style.

Triangles and circles are a running theme here, and appear in some form across all of the four pieces. The white tee and black crew feature the same ‘Trilapse’ logo printed large on the front, while the ‘Established’ tee takes the detail to the back, with ‘DN’ letters printed on the chest. The product also features the strapline ‘Southern Division Produce’ – a nod to the brand’s South Wales origins. The drop is completed by a simple embroidered beanie with the brand’s triangle logo stitched into the front, and as something a little different, 3 colours in a branded Dog Tag.

In their short existence, Dark Nature have built up a significant following. It’s clear to me, and I don’t mean this in a negative way, that as one of a ‘new breed’ of UK based streetwear brands, they’ve spent time absorbing information from brand’s the world over, educating themselves in order to produce well-rounded and well-promoted products. It’s nothing revolutionary, just simple, even ‘basic’ graphic design, and it won’t change the face of streetwear, but it will sell and in my mind it deserves to. The new collection is available from Dark Nature Clothing now, along with the collaborative FSTL Pocket Tees we mentioned last week. Check it out below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Kritic

    Good stuff!

  • Biggz

    The dog tags are a nice touch but other than that it’s just same old, same old. Nowt against this brand but it’s just beanies CHECK, pocket tees CHECK, boring sweaters CHECK, Large back print tee with small front detailing CHECK. It’s nothing spectacular. I’m sure with the following of the blog it will sell well but it just looks to be going down every other path of every other UK label apart from for example, Droneboy, of just idealess release after idealess release.

    Better then say Own, Who?, Whyme? or Monroe but so far lagging from some of the other UK brands. Good start but they need to develop fast to keep pace.

  • http://- Dan

    Better than Own,Who? and Monnroe??? Thats a big statement to make considering those 3 are probaly in the top 10 for UK Streetwear (which ive never actually seen plugged on this site i might add).

    As for Dark Nature,Triangles and Circles not the most original concept and the name is a bit gay but each to their own i guess. It’s all been done 100 times over.

  • Jamie

    Why is it comments on this website are often more insightful than the actual content

  • Tyler

    Who’s top 10 are Own Who? and Monroe in? Own haven’t done an original bit of design yet! The brand is based on ONLY.
    Who?, another biggie tee! a Bake bite and now Potatoes gonna potate!! for real?
    Monroe, some tees and a beanie, not a streetwear brand.

    Ok ‘Dark Nature’ isn’t the best name and not the most original design, but, he’s working hard and getting it done. Needs to expand, which I’m sure he will. I do think this is a strong 2nd collection.


    Another good honest report from Adam.

  • http://- Dan

    @tyler i know for a fact that all 3 of those brands you just put down make a living doing it full time so they must be doing something rite eh.

    And if puting a triangle in a circle is working hard to you then you need to work harder!

  • AD


  • Tyler

    @Dan you can’t make a living ripping off other peoples designs. Be real here. Anyone can see there is nothing original coming from those brands.

    Again, who’s top ten are they in?

  • Scott

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words, and everyone for the negative as well. I guess i cant always please everyone, and i’m sorry i am not doing it with enough originality. This is my 2nd collection, or even shall i say my first real collection seeing as the introductory pieces were just a 1 design t-shirt, but i would like to think i’ve expanded to bigger things.
    I kept with the ‘Triangles and Circles’ because its something i have not used to its full potential yet. It was the original emblem we pushed before the first garment was even dropped, and its worked.
    Critism comes with everything i guess, and i can only do what i can do! I have a solid background, and a solid unit of support and i appreciate everyone for that. The collection so far has gone done insanely well and i’m now already pushing for the 003 collection which is due some time this Summer.
    If it’s still not good enough for you, then i guess i cant do much about that. I’m doing the same as everyone else, running a brand like i should be, and pushing garments i believe can do well. In the reality, not everyone will like it, and i take that with a pinch of salt. I’m the same with other brands. Not everyone can like it. Lets get over it and keep the bitching and slagging down. I appreciate all feedback, good or bad, but what i dont like to read is people seeming to slag it for its ‘un originality’ or its ‘gay’ name. Think what you think, but it wont give you any scene points for putting your negative approach in. Hate it, or dislike it, whatever you like, just back it up with a genuine reason. I intend to push this brand to the full, and if this is only a small selection of what i can do, then who knows what the future holds. It’s a learning curve, and a lot of room to grow. I myself, cant wait.
    Hater’s gonna hate!

  • zeezee


  • HighC

    @Scott….Fair play for saying it how it is, you’re a young brand, still growing. You’ve taken on board what people have said and sadly people still hate!!
    Those people obviously don’t have the passion and the guts to take the plunge and try to build a sucessful streetwear brand, anyone involved in it, Im working on my first collection and it ain’t easy! So keep doing what you do! You’ll be the one laughing at the end of the day! HC

  • Anon

    As much as I admire Scott replying to criticism I can’t help but feel that he’s missing the point. No one is ‘hating’ on the brand. I just feel that as with every other brand out there you open yourself for critic, whether good or bad and you should take it with a pinch of salt.

    A lack of originality shouldn’t be accepted as a norm for a starting brand. If the ideas are there then the first tees will having meaning and a real sense of identity. You can have typographic tees and still have that sense of identity.

    it just seems people seem to following the same formula. Simple, simple, simple. SNORE. The reason why the UK is coming out with so much and rarely standing toe to toe with US companies, yes, even start ups is because their seems to be an issue emerging with standing out from the rest yet this need to be cool and own a ‘clothing company’. It’s the new ‘being a photographer’. It seems to be all inspired from US labels and very safe. Nothing wrong with engineering a release so that it’s sellable and not a risk but, who the hell wants ‘safe’ design. Balls on the line design will bring more respect. If an identity isn’t clear or meaningful then why would anyone care between this and the next. It’s not ‘hating’. It’s knowing the difference between a brand that has legs and a brand that isn’t proving itself. The only form identity I can see through the line is the ‘South Division’ tag, which I like, that goes for the dogtags. I like the idea of having essentially this movement. A community formed through clothing. I like that. It’s an idea but I wish there was more to that. Maybe you will in the next drop. Would be interesting to see wether that’s something you deem of importance.

    Again, Supreme, Only, Hundreds, Parra, Nike, Vans, every single company is open for critic. I think most have reasons for disliking what they see or being indifferent as they do if they love it. It’s not hating. It’s having an opinion and putting it out there for you guys to see and maybe, possibly learn from.

  • http://www.onlyorca.com joely

    Fair play scott keep pushing man. The way I see it with alot of the recent comments going up on articles on this site is that design and fashion is like music, what one person likes someone else gunna hate anyway…If people cant give criticism constructively then it aint worth takin on board.

  • http://www.galleria-t.com Eric

    Keep pushing Scott, a lot of armchair Critics here who think they know what it takes to get something off the ground. Takes balls in this current climate, just keep believing in what your doing, and look after those that support you and you’ll slowly grow.