Dope Chef x Mikill Pane Collaboration

London based brand Dope Chef have collaborated with UK hip-hop artist Mikill Pane, creating a T-shirt and crewneck infusing their respective logos.

Fresh off of his UK tour with Ed Sheeran and XO Man, Mikill has a big year ahead, with his new EP ‘The Morris Dancer’ out February 13th, and himself being featured on many ‘Ones to Watch’ lists for 2012 – this new fashion venture is sure to only add to his repertoire of successes.

Limited to 50 pieces each, the same design features on both tees and crews – an amalgamation of the classic Dope Chef logo with Mikill Pane’s take on the skull and crossbones. On the back is the full signature Dope Chef logo along with a monochrome handshake between the two partys’ initials.

Available from the 11th of February, you can pre-order the items now from Dope Chef online, or pick one up at their Boat Store, where Pane himself will be doing a signing on the day. Pane also dropped a freestyle to mark the release, which you can check out in the video below.

Dope Chef
Mikill Pane

Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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  • Ckelly82

    Johnny cupcakes anyone? Great to see a uk brand doing something, but when you get a graphic designer that can copy someone else’s ethos it looses it’s appeal pretty quickly!


    As a brand Dope Chef come in with consistent designs, good product shots, strong themes and good collabs.
    I feel they’re always tainted though as a ‘ghetto’ brand which would sit next to brands like Money and Playdot, which sucks because I actually really rate the whole vibe of this brand I just feel like they need a shake up on their target market.

    anyone else with me?

    I’d kinda think chill on making 4 variations of the same print for a collab, 2 is enough.

    Apart from that Dope Chef do the UK scene some good for sure..

  • Head Huncho

    I’d never heard of this Brand before but gotta say Dope Chef is one of the illest brands i’ve come across. Fully diggin the concept of the brand ! The fact that the their store is on a BOAT say’s it all. WTF

  • logic

    they have changed a lot, and far above brands like playdot. big up mikill, and big up dope chef


    like it. dope chef has potential. plus 4 variations is fine. its only black, grey and white.. some people like black, some like white, some like tees, some like sweats.. they have a choice.

    p.s. its not like johnny cupcakes….

  • C.

    It does look well executed, and looks cool. But as said before, I am sorry but I don´t see this as fresh ( Johnny cupcakes ,fit it before) There is also a brand called something like Edward tea-belly. I feel the same, they are cool brands and they have cool graphics but I just see too much inspiration on the JC concept.

  • A

    @ REALITYCHECK – i think dope chef is ment to be his ‘ghetto’ / ‘street’ project, if im right, the guy/guys behind dope chef also have this brand also, so i was told when dope chef 1st started up.

  • blanco

    i love that grey pullover. looks clean as hell