DRK.NTR x FSTL Pocket Tees

South Wales’ DRK.NTR team up with local store Freestyle and their FSTL brand to produce a huge series of custom pocket T-shirts utilising a number of different printed fabrics.

Pocket tees have been done to death over the last year, but along with the usual floral print offering, the two brands add a number of ‘children’s’ style fabrics into the mix, with everything from cars to garden gnomes. The latter is the stand out piece for me, but for anyone looking for something different in a pocket shirt, these should do the trick. Head to Freestyle to purchase yours now, with more available from DRK.NTR next week.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Biggz

    So what now constitutes as ‘cut and sew’ is some bits of fabric sewn onto a stock tee? As opposed to, for example, creating your own fit shirt from scratch?.

    I know for some it’s a question of budget but don’t claim a product is cut and sew when it clearly isn’t. Fabrics alright but nothing I couldn’t get from my local fabric store. Yawn.

    For a label with so much hype they haven’t delivered at all so far.


    dear god.

  • J


  • S G

    Meh indeed. These guys are super late to the party. Fabric choices look a little rushed. I don’t get it at all. This kind of thing only works if the fabric is awesome, which I’m sorry to say guys isn’t the case here. The term cut n sew is annoying enough without projects like this being put under the same umbrella.

  • Gomez

    Heavily agree with all the above comments. This isn’t cut and sew. There’s nothing special, exciting, original or exclusive about this collab. Save yourself some money, buy a plain white tee from primark, find your childhood duvet, cut some of that out, sew it onto the tee. Your own stitching would probably be straighter. Too much hype with nothing to back it up.

  • Scott

    Appreciate the exposure from everyone at The Daily Street anyway.
    All criticism is good criticism in the way i see it, so its something we can work and adapt on in the future. I’m looking forward to hearing what people think of the actual Dark Nature 002 collection now.


    Sorry to hear the feedback guys, The costing for the fabric was pretty high and I had MOST of it imported from Japan, wasn’t particularly rushed, we labored heavily on what we thought we would like to wear ourselves and hoped that our like mindeds out there would like it to.
    We are late on the pocket print thing I agree but I didn’t want to get a double up size break of an aztec or a camo pocket. Especially when we can do something original ourselves.
    We payed for the pockets to be sewn on and the stitching is perfect let me assure you(anyone not happy can get a full refund) another cost pushing the price up. All our FSTL products are free postage (another cost).
    There are a million and one products out there printed on the same tees we use, one day I hope to be in a position to get my own cut and sew done in a sweat shop haha! Probably end up being cheaper.

    Also it’s a shame that the Gnome print has been cut off the picture, you might like that one but I doubt it hahahahahahahha!

  • Lloyd Morgan McCabe

    To all above comments; I understand your lack of belief in a collab between a very reputable skate store and an up and coming street wear brand, but I put it to you to get off your computer chair and go do what they have done, especially in these times where money is tighter than ever. So what if they didn’t get the t-shirts hand made, do you realize how much that costs?

    Yeah the pocket tee has been done before doesn’t stop all you hype runners getting involved when the bigger names out there drop a plain white tee with some fabric sewn on.


    Lloyd I love you, send me your adress! GRIMFREESTYLE@YAHOO.COM and T shirt size.

  • FantaPants

    These are bang tidy! Sad to see all the negative feedback up in here. Show the love to ‘The little guy’ as Grim put it. Looking forward to seeing more from this colab in the future

  • http://www.galleria-t.com Eric

    Completely agree with Lloyd.

    As someone who started to print, market and sell my own tee shirts a year ago I can fully appreciate exactly the hard work that has gone into these.

    You’d be surprised how many brands use stock tees, and don’t produce their own Cut and Sew, even some of the Big Guns, sometimes there is very little point. I mean it’s great to be able to do it, especially for the integrity and the individuality of the Brand itself. But commercially does it actually mean you sell more?

    The average Joe Bloggs doesn’t know his Gildan blanks from his Sunspel, so why not instead choose a quality blank and grow from there? When the money is made, then if it’s the right way to go, then cut n sew!

  • Sejo basic

    These are fucking dope! Handmade or not haters gon hate:) are these in stock anywhere?