Nike Air Flow (Anthracite/Black & Photo Blue/Voltage Cherry)

The Air Flow swings into 2012 with a bang, with two new colourways introduced that are guaranteed to create as much hype as their predecessors dropping throughout 2011.

The components of this unique shoe maintain the same level of quality and aesthetic appeal, with a new drop that showcases the diversity of this OG runner. This first uses a simple mixture of black and anthracite materials applied to the upper on top of a white midsole – it provides us with a very simple yet very attractive shoe that will go with all most anything. On the other hand, the Spring drop also boasts a brighter side, with ‘photo blue’ and ‘voltage cherry’ panels. The contrast of blue, cherry and white blended together on the upper and outsole really does work, leading to an eye catching result.

It seems the Air Flow can do no wrong, and as the blazing colourways of the 2011 retros continue, it’s nice to see the multi-tonal black make an entrance for the less brave of us, similar to last year’s tonal pack. The new Air Flows are scheduled to release at select retailers early February, but are available to pre-order now from Crooked Tongues.

Hugo Sapsed

Hugo is a sneaker specialist with a passion for collecting. His specialist knowledge base extends from sneakers to streetwear and everything in between.

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  • Scott

    Preordered via hanon on the day the pre order went up. The only one down fall is the fact they will be releasing in size next week after i preordered thinking they were not due until early February. It was a shoe i thought would stay away from main high street stores, but i guess thats just me.
    The black/anathcrite pop in store in February still, but yeah, im hyped for the release regardless.

  • Chris

    Pre-ordered the photo blue and voltage cherry pair. Kind of wishing id gone for the black/anathcrite instead!

  • Tom Bowes

    Yes Hugo, thought it would be you on this article. Nice one. Hope all is well for ya!! Peace!!