Recap: Streetwear Collective Event

Just last month, Cellar Door got together with a number of UK streetwear brands for a two day pop-up shop in the less frequented Camden area of London. Across a weekend, brands including Pixel, Playdot, Kaveman and Whyme pitched up to sell clothing from their latest lines, along with a number of friends and some light musical entertainment.

The video below provides the opportunity to learn a little more about some of the brands on sale that weekend, including a look at some of their best selling product. A lot of the stuff was a little too bold for my liking, but I was most impressed by the selection from Whyme London, and found a new interest in For Love & Money. Check it out, along with some images from the event below, and look out for more in the future from Cellar Door.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Russ P

    Nice to see people promoting UK Street Wear. Cool video too.


    How many more times are they going to do these events with the same brands over and over.. It’s been done for 4 years now with the same people. These brands need to find a new platform and develop their brands to stop relying on this small events for a quick sale of stock they can’t shift through the year. They are not going to push it to the next level like this.

  • Emma

    @Brainspark you should check your facts before opening your mouth and releasing your toxic gas . . .PXL, Playdot and Why Me are no older than 2-3 years old max and For Love and Money have never been involved in a pop up before . . . .

  • Shaun

    What do you suggest????

  • Ckelly82

    Unfortunately I agree with brainspark ! Uk brands really need to start hitting local shops and basically start pushing new designs. It’s a tricky job but look at what the hundreds have achieved!! There designs are nothing special ! Lets get local and get our brands out there


    @Emma. I wasn’t naming a specific brand and 3-4 years is the same thing in my books (Long enough for a brand to sit around with no real growth) I was reffering more to some of the brands that do constant events like this and reset etc, but have not invested any time in finding stocklists or pushing designs through. I have stopped by a few of these and i can say i have seen brands selling the same designs for years on with very small additions if any sometimes. And if you are right and money is not involved in pop up shops maybe that just proves my point; some people love the idea of running a tee label but don’t actually make it a business. You can’t do this things in halfs. We all know by reading this blog how is possible and proven that little independent guys can create a brand a boom if they put the work into it. I’m just bored of the slacker brands now. Not hating on anyone, just my two pence.

  • Jane

    I agree with both @Emma and @Brainspark. Events like these always need to happen to lay the foundations but as the saying goes, the cream always rises to the top. Those who don’t show innovation or seek out stockists will stay in the same place. Particularly agree with @Brainspark’s comment around same designs. There needs to be a refresh according to seasons. Those with real drive or who want to learn about selling their brand will look for ways in which to do this. Trapstar have moved on nicely as have Dopechef (amongst others). With this event it was good to see virgin media supporting it and if the brands are serious they’ll be making enquiries with the virgin media team on how to progress their business / develop a business model. But maybe it’s easy for us to make comments and judgements when it’s not us getting the door slammed in our face by retailers x

  • Shaun

    I have agreed with what people are saying. These are small brands who are trying to find there feet. Retailers are only interested in Sale or Return, one they have the
    product they are not interested in pushing the brand as they have not invested in it.
    Shops are not wiling to take on new brands in this financial climate. I congratulate
    all the small streetwear brand who are out there fighting for there space. Don’t give up there is space for you in the game.

  • PXL

    @Brainspark makes a good point, although you do sound slightly angry???

    Websales and expanding distribution are all key for indie brands to move beyond hobby to commercial success. However i believe that ‘streetwear sales’ are a good thing…

    Youth fashion is dominated in the UK by the likes of Topman, Zara, JD, River Island etc etc so these slaes offer a great opportunity for the brand owners to meet and educate customers and build a community of fans who can help grow this market to a dominant position…

    10 years ago, MC culture in the UK was laughable – it’s now a global force – I think some of the brands in the UK streetwear scene will go on to great things!