Carhartt x Adam Kimmel SS12

This Spring, workwear legends Carhartt continue their work with designer Adam Kimmel, with Kimmel working on a new collection of apparel utilising his high fashion experience to create a unique kind of premium workwear.

Kimmel’s work for Carhartt focuses on refining the brand’s traditionally rugged look, transforming it into something with a more ‘fashionable’ direction, but still very wearable, paying specific attention to the materials used, as well as the cut of each garment. Stand out pieces for me include the canvas Two Button Blazer – a prime example of the fusion of the two names, with the three front patch pockets and branded brass buttons adding a utilitarian feel to a much more formal piece – and the Summer Work Coat, an iconic Carhartt piece left unlined and with a more tailored fit instantly changing the look and feel of the piece. While items like the jersey sweater and trucker cap failed to win me over on their own, their inclusion is important in making this a feel like a full line, rather than a one-off. Finally, although simplistic, and without much to distinguish them from their regular counterpart, I really like the look of the premium cotton pocket tees as a simple introduction to the line.

The prices may be a tad prohibitive for some, but for those looking for a little extra from Carhartt, and not afraid to pay for it, Adam Kimmel’s line includes some great pieces, versatile enough to be worn smart or casual. The whole thing is another fine example of the diversity of the Carhartt brand – it’s out now and available at End Clothing.

Adam Kimmel

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • cal

    Blazers are spot on for a work wear collab, but i wish they’d get rid of the logo patch on the upper pocket.

  • Danny

    Seriously? Do you really think this is ‘a unique kind of premium workwear’. Take a few basic pieces of clothing you could buy from Primark, stick the logo on anywhere you want and……boom you have one of the dullest collaborations ever seen. Must have been a tough half hours work for Mr Kimmel…………

  • Cal

    I agree, with the t – shirts and hats but with the more fabricated pieces your missing the point. Its all in the detail of the clothes. Take for example the pinched cuffs on the hoody or the button, sewing detail on the blazer. Primark maybe able to replicate the exact design but they wont be able to replicate the quality of the clothing the strong stitches or cleanly cut fabric. Its the quality your buying into here not the looks. Looks are for fashion quality is for style.

  • blcklistd

    i agree with all of the above…

  • hunter

    For me this collection is ruined by the mesh caps. Mesh seems cheap to me and ruins the coherence of the drop.