Johnny Cupcakes 5 Panel Caps

Boston based Johnny Cupcakes introduced two new 5 panel caps this week, one plain and simple, and the other a with a little more to it.

First up, a clean navy 5 panel with a simple white/black cupcake and crossbones logo patch on the front, is the more reserved of the two. The second, and the instant stand out piece, has a body constructed of a tan twill material printed allover with a bicycle motif, and paired with a solid black peak and black/red logo patch. The colours used actually save this one from being a bit over the top and have come together to make a really strong piece.

Both are available now, alongside a new range of T-shirts, at Johnny Cupcakes London.

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  • andrew reynolds

    someone give em a snapback already, lucas did it on some of the helas ones and they looked tight

  • rob

    never been a fan of jonny cupcakes til now. these look as good quality as any loving the bike/leaf print.

  • M

    Johnny Cupcakes continuously kill it for me, one of my favourite brands for sure.

  • T.asaf

    let me begin with stating a few very far fetched statements. Number 1.) Johnny cupcakes is a very good brand, it delivers what needs to be delivered without any fuss, 2.) They have a store in London so when i see new movies with johnny c and you guys show his hats on here i then know i can then buy it, 3.) it really shows what hard work can achieve. i for one will always wear and collect Johnathan Cake merchandise, because of its quality and the guys just great,