Own Clothing Co. Spring ’12 Collection

UK brand Own have risen from their own ashes after apparently ceasing activities late last year. True to form they’ve developed various new crewneck sweats, tees and some headwear for the remaining cold(er) months of the season.

The brand are ready to take the year by storm and are perfectly on trend with the colour and pattern choices they’ve used for this range of apparel. Three crewnecks, three tees, and two beanies make up the latest release, most with bold text logo graphics, alongside a couple of ‘pocket’ style prints, and most of which featured in the brand’s final drop last year. The promotional shoot for the collection is also on point, with great photography highlighting each item.

My favourite piece from the collection is the leopard print logo crew – it’s difficult to find leopard print pieces that aren’t obviously flamboyant, and I feel they’ve done it well, adding a little extra touch to what a staple item.

The cranberry and navy beanies are available now, with the rest of the collection available from Own. as of the 10th of February. Check a selection of shots out below.

Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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  • really?

    I was hoping i would never see this brand again… doesn’t deserve any attention.

    seriously tds?

    we all know this is just that exact same onlyny rip off it was last time.

  • GhostTown

    TDS is slipping, what brands want to be posted on this site anymore? the answer is none…
    Originally you guys were the UK’s answer to Hypebeast, now all you do is post weak brands to up your comments..

  • Scott

    Alex at Own has done a great job. I’m pleased to see he’s working in the right direction this time, and he knows exactly what hes doing. I’m looking forward to seeing the Summer release now!
    My only criticism would be the ‘Ghett Fuct’ quote. I’m not sure if he is aware or even bothered about ‘Fuct’ the street skate brand, but i guess it wont matter, and i’m sure they will sell just as well as the other items!

    Nicely done in general. Looking forward too more!

  • Floozy

    Amazeballs. :/

  • martin

    HELL FIRE, why does every clothing brand rip off a hipster crew. get some original designs and ideas.

  • Tyler


  • Suffocake

    Hey guys, I just wanted to interject to clear something up. We’ve always wanted TDS to be a reference point for what’s happening in streetwear in the UK, and sometimes that means covering the bad with the good. We can’t just ignore what a brand like Own are doing, not just because a lot of people dig it, but because it’s making noise (albeit negative noise by the looks of the above), and we’d be doing you a disservice by pretending it didn’t exist.

    With regards to the statement about posting ‘weak brands’ to up our comments, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We want to put the information out there for you to discuss as you see fit, whether that be in person, on twitter, on facebook, and yes, in these comments, but having that content there in the first place is much more valuable to us than having people repeatedly commenting.

    The last thing to bear in mind is that we cant please everyone all of the time, and there are always going to be things on the blog that aren’t for you, but at the same time (hopefully), you’ll find posts that are just what you were after. We always try and add a little opinion into our posts so that you’re not just reading copied and pasted press releases, and sometimes you’re going to disagree, but it’s entirely up to you whether or not you wish to comment.

    As always, thanks for your continued support, and for helping us build an extensive resource for streetwear in the UK.

  • Hamish

    Why even include them in the conversation at all?

    I think the real issue is showcasing a UK brand that feels it needs to imitate American street wear to gain exposure. TDS is a great site but being British I’d like to see you guys support the individuality and diversity of UK streetwear and not obvious (and it is obvious) ripoff brands like Own who play it safe with low quality imitations.

  • Sam

    Buy a disgusting OWN sweater then JB if you like it so much! Big rip off of only NY! A brand that OWN will never ever be!

  • http://www.cargocollective.com/dandouglassphoto doug

    it’s funny how they chose such a shit brand the rip in the first place. absolute garbage and yet another example of how dead “streetwear” is in the UK.

  • rob

    Aside from the terrible name and obvious similarities to ONLY NY the African looking graphic tee proves someone on their team has the ideas to create original pieces (correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen anything too similar to this ‘face pulling’ design before). I think they should step away from the safety of the text tees/crews and focus more on what they could come up with if they locked themselves in a room with nothing but themselves for inspiration.

    Still leaves the burning question of ‘is anything original anymore?’ though…

  • really?

    Don’t get me wrong here, i think what tds is doing is important, and no one really does it better… (especially with some of the latest features) and i don’t wish to put down suffocake, jb or any of the writers particularly. i do however feel that brands like ‘own’ simply do not belong here purely because they are ‘making noise’. sure, the brand is certainly topical, but interesting posts about awesome products is what this should be about, not this unfortunately overhyped tumblr brands poor efforts at piecing together a collection around a weak piece of typography.

    big up tds,

    supporters of ‘own’ need to rethink.

  • a

    i think if TDS want to post up ‘the bad with the good’ they should just post the brand, not write reviews for all of them, because posting a brand for people to see and comment is different to writing a good review for a ‘bad’ brand then letting people battle via comments over the brands.

    just post the brands info, the pics and then let people discuss, like a forum.


    @ SUFFOCAKE. Seriously don’t listen to these comments. The best thing about your site is that you post the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s as real as it ghetts. Yes this brand might look very much like another but who cares?? they have to start somewhere and I’m sure they will develop and turn in to a brand that has its own identity. Most street wear brands start off looking awful but its how they progress that is interesting. Look at 10deep and The Hundreds… some of there first stuff is rubbish and it took them a couple of years to get into the swing of things.

    @ ALL OTERS. By all means give some negative/constructive comments about the brand but not to TDS. And if we are talking about copying other people, who wants another Hypebeast blog??? TDS are doing their ‘own’ thing with this blog and don’t pretend you don’t love it! and if you don’t then don’t come on here…

  • phil

    Wow i thought this brand had vanished after the slateing they got for ripping off designs last year, I honestly thought it was a joke last time round.
    It appears not, they’re back with another fine instalment.
    Influenced/inspired by is one thing but just copying what you see in other ‘streetwear’ brands and trying to re-sell it as your own is next level !!

  • ed

    @really? & @ghost town. . . would you have a go at a news website for posting news you didn’t want to hear? chill your beans and stop hating

  • http://www.someonetalked.net deadmowgli

    The whole point of a website like The Daily Street is it’s supposed to be journalism written by authorities on the subject at hand with an impartial but well-reasoned and levelled analysis of the topic/issue/matter at hand. With writing like this I wouldn’t be surprised if the dude’s at Own were paying you for this garbage. And all this crap about “well it’s popular so it must be good” is complete bullshit in modern society when you think of the way Simon Cowell, ASOS, Topman, H&M, Skrillex, Damien Hirst, Dan Brown and countless other individuals have done little to contribute to the artistic realm other than to turn their chosen medium into a commodity good to be churned out as quickly and as tastelessly as possible. Stop thinking about Units and start thinking about the legacy that will be left behind when people go “1990s – Vision Streetwear, Supreme, Stussy, X-LARGE, Bape, WTaps” and then go “2000s – Only, Own, Alife, Trainerspotter, blah blah blah fucking blah.”

    I don’t want streetwear to be remembered as some hashed concept that turned into a bunch of italic sans-serif fonts and desperate attempts to use Leopard print to raise swag levels. TDS, you slipped.

  • TAN

    Jesus Fucking Christ

  • fiyahbun


  • PAX

    im not digging this line but tbh, i dont think they’re thaat bad (the back of the maroon sweat is wack tho), n everyone’s going on like onlyny is gods bollocks, have u seen the people who’ve beenn wearing it for the past year plus more? lol
    also, i totally agree with A but only occasionally

  • Ken Jaxon

    A collection designed by people who aren’t real designers. No creative flair and no originality!
    Theres nothing wrong with a solid type T as long as the typeface is carefully selected as is the name. You also need the rest of the collection to be innovative so emphasis doesn’t dwell on one piece which we’ve all seen before. As far as cussing the daily street, come on, really! Its always good to see whats going on no matter how bad because the bad stuff’s always good to laugh at!

  • Kritic

    Only one ‘demographic’ of street wear is given credit on TDS these days. lol sad really

  • Thc

    Its too close to ONLY NY to be taken seriously.

  • J

    There’s one thing you can’t deny though, after the amount of hate and bad press they got after last years efforts to come back and release some new stuff takes a pair.
    I’m not here to hate at all, but unfortunately I still don’t get it? Is it all just an ironic joke about how unoriginal street wear has become of late, or maybe just lazy design. Either way it does take a fair amount of effort just to get a small release like this out there so fair play on that front.

  • Mr Flowers

    The UK brands get a hard time and a lot of negative stick, how is the scene supposed to grow if all we do is shoot down our own and praise everyone else.

    I ain’t defending this brand by any means, as I do believe in originality, but it just seems like every UK brand posted on here has a bag full of 20 plus comments of negative.

    TDS keep doing what your doing.

  • Hamish

    @Mr Flowers Mainly because of lot of UK streetwear brands are young – it takes a few years to build up the momentum, experience and the captial required to really bring a brand into it’s own.

    Plus there are way to many UK brands that feel they have to imitate successful US brands to gain notoriety. What they don’t seem to realise is that sick brands like Only, Acapulco Gold, Supreme and 10 Deep represent the style of the city they where born in (all of those are out of New York) – The feel authentic and have genuine heritage.

    I’d like to see a brand that represents UK street style and not a parody of it’s American counterpart.

  • B

    You cannot just write ‘fuct’ on a sweatshirt

  • Luis Morgan

    OWN blows. TMP rules. AWARD TOUR shits on all

  • http://www.thatsexage.blogspot.com C-Stylez

    Oh dear…

  • P_E_A_C_E

    Haha this whole comment thread is hilarious. OWN don’t deserve the publicity. Worst brand in the UK right now. Even worse than Who? Clothing.

  • Alan

    DEADMOWGLI hit the nail on the head – we all go on this site because it has good, authorative content written by people who know what theyre talking about. fair enough to feature it – its obviously going to cause a lot of controversy which aint a bad thing but giving it a good review just makes you look like muppets as the brand are fucking dogshit!

  • blackyolk

    Definitely seen a lot of unimaginative brands in the last year or so. The real issue is the lack of design… going into the designs for so many of these brands. It’s fine to want to start your own brand and create clothing and potentially a message. But the complete lack of imagination or design really kills ventures like this. And yet we see it again and again.

    How many ways can you write generic in a sanserif in a box?

    I think brands need to pay more attention to what people say in comments on websites like this… and stop looking at what everyone else is doing. It’s unfortunate but the internet allowing us to access so much information and “inspiration” kills and stumps creative growth…

    People need to start doing more. Also onlyny celebrates its “birth place” why not celebrate being English for once. This countries got a lot of history and people need to take notice of that.

    The devils in the details.

  • http://www.facebook.com/blaselondon Jus

    I understand why a lot of people are angry. I think there are lots of similar brands which perhaps over shadow the real, homegrown brands emerging from street subcultures.

  • Shadowlaw

    I’d prefer to ghett a fuct t-shirt