Soapbox ‘State of Mind’ Spring 2012

UK brand Soapbox return with a big collection this Spring, including tees and printed crewnecks, two Quintin produced snapback caps, and a full range of cut & sew apparel featuring coaches and stadium jackets, and custom embroidered crewnecks.

Soapbox is a brand we’ve followed for a while, and when it came to producing their own custom garments, the brand really shone in my eyes. The stadium jackets they’ve produced so far have been impeccable, and this season’s grey wool State Of Mind jacket, complete with leather trim and paisley lining, is certainly no exception. The coaches jackets really stand out too – both the navy and red waterproof nylon ‘State Of Mind’ version, and the black cotton twill ‘Uniform’ version – both with a quilted interior. The printables are great too, perhaps with a bit of Bape/Goodenough inspiration in the ‘To The End’ tees and crews, but not in a bad way.

Other notable pieces include the Uniform crewnecks, with the Soapbox logo applique on the chest, available in black, grey, and maroon, and finally the two snapback caps, both featuring the Soapbox logo on the front, and their own paisley lined underbill. It’s a pretty big collection, and shows the lengths to which Soapbox are willing to go to as a brand, producing a lot more cut & sew than we’re used to seeing from brands at a similar level, and doing it well. Some of the bolder graphics aren’t for me, but that doesn’t damage what is a really strong collection over all. Expect it to be available from Soapbox, The Candy Store, and Robot Bunny this March. Check the collection out in detail below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • dinodean

    not a fan of the cartoon type prints, but rest ov the line looks V impressive, defo goin to cop more sb


    Branding and design is awful but the products look top quality. What a waste.

  • Alan

    agree with bobbo – the graphics are really not my cup of tea but the jackets are LUSH.


    I hear you, but I disagree. That ‘Till the End’ sweatshirt is getting brought. Made in the best colour in the world marl gray. I just adore that shade. Then the snapbacks looks top quality especially with the minimal logo branding maroon on maroon with that interior too… But other than that, yea you’re right. Those jackets are SICK!
    Maroon snapback + Till the end sweatshirt+ Gray Wool stadium Jacket = Fresh!

  • JackyC

    This collection is amazing….loving the characters and design! The. Jackets r amazing too! Loving the jumper – a big thumbs up!!!!!

  • AKI

    Refreshing to see some imagery instead of Helvetica text blazed across tee’s ‘n’ sweats. I for a moment I thought UK had lost its imagination. I’m a simple guy, so it’s between the yellow and the white tee; that yellow tee is a strong possibility.

  • AudioEtc

    Hmm, “State of Mind” branding looks pretty stolen for State of Mind Boutique in Edinburgh…

  • Mags

    Right now, the best brand in the UK.