Supreme Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

Today, Supreme released their Spring/Summer ’12 collection to the world with the lookbook for the season, together with preview shots of the product that will be available later this week.

It’s a huge collection, and spans fan favourites like camp caps, snapbacks, hoods, and coaches jackets, as well as including a number of more fashion forward pieces and menswear staples like the Houndstooth Trench, pants and Oxford shirts, making for a truly diverse collection. There are too many highlights to mention, but of those pictured in the lookbook, my personal favourites are the Schott Leather Flight Jacket (with floral lining), the Herringbone Workers Jacket (shown below in a pale yellow), Floral Pullover hood, Striped Pocket Tee, and Snake print tee, but there are plenty more throughout the collection. Prints play a big part in the range, be they Snake skin, camo, Hawaiian, floral or the various other allover repeating patterns which appear – something I’m sure we’ll see a lot of other brands take inspiration from this year and next. Arabic Lettering also appears across pullover hoods, caps, and skate decks as a flip on the traditional box logo.

Other notable inclusions include a collaboration with skateboard truck company Independent (on a Harrington jacket, pullover hood, and trucker cap), the Rawlings baseball and glove, a Supreme branded Hohner Harmonica, two Liberty floral camp caps, and of course, the Kate Moss photo print tee. Check the full lookbook out below, and get a closer look at each of the products at Supreme. We’ll be covering some of the best bits in more detail over the next few days. The collection releases this Thursday February 23rd at Supreme London.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • liquid

    supreme – over rated and getting mass produced. would not be too much of a problem if they didnt try so hard to be stuck up.

  • Hunter

    i find a lot of this to be really ugly garments – the red and black fleece? the giraffe print shirt? really? maybe i’m not ready for this…

  • Alan

    anyone know if the london store does mail order at all? would love to pick up some bits but won’t be anywhere near london till late march


    Firstly how are they stuck up? surviving street wears rise and fall and rise again? apologies.
    Secondly, what isn’t mass produced apart from limited tees, even then you wouldn’t pay the higher price for those…
    Thirdly, they’re are aren’t stuck up, you just don’t fit the demographic who can afford it and it upsets you.

    @Hunter – agreed some of these pieces are weak, but it beats seeing the amount of fad garbage I have to scroll past on Hypebeast every day, the difference is with this brand I can take a classic from their 09′ collection and it’ll be current now, where as I buy a Penfield shirt and that shit is ill fitted, low quality and I walk past 14 yr old kids busting it..

    There’s a reason Wtaps, Neighborhood, Supreme, Human Made and Visvim all are higher priced and thats because of a better quality garment, brand heritage and classic appeal.


  • mellowhype

    I agree with the above comments, the campbell’s soup print is cool dont get me wrong but its been done to death. Saying that, the purple windbreak at the bottom is, in my opinion, sickkkkk!

  • josh

    horrible 60’s patterns and crap warhol prints. nothing good here in my opinion. can see why some peeps might like this stuff tho but without the label this type of tat would be found in a charity shop bargin bin.

  • cal

    supreme are not favourable to me. But i can see the brand maturing even further with a nod towards floral prints but still staying bold with other pieces that take a nod towards street wear which is where there heart lies.

  • logic

    mixed reactions, but i still think they know something we dont, and it really wouldnt suprise me if these pieces catch on. i rarely hear the criticism you get with supreme with fashion labels because they seem to trust the brands judgement in the progression of various styles. A lot of people that see something riskay from a brand like supreme cuss them down because they think they have lost their minds, when really just like high end brands they are in the position where they can play on different styles and know that they are following the same ethics as any other successful brand

  • Geoff

    Better they take a risk and fail (in some people’s eyes) than just do a box logo over and over and over and over. I like some of the jackets but overall i’m ambivalent to most of it. But they’re trying different stuff even if its not to everyone’s tastes. There’s plenty of worse things to get worked up about clothing/shoe wise than this.


    lets face it.. Supreme have survived for almost 20 years.. im pretty sure a few people hating on their product isn’t really going to bother them too much. If you don’t like it why does everyone have to hear about it these days.. its getting really dull.. I don’t like tomatoes but i don’t go and hate on them each season they come out…

  • Chris

    The more people who hate supreme the better, it means i have more chance in getting what i want. Although it is well sad. I wouldn’t be wasting my time posting how much i hate Fracaps. Oh shit, i just did. Doh!

  • Luis

    I can see from both sides why opinions are divided but for me Supreme never has been a brand that delivers 100% hit with each season drop but I love that they aren’t scared to try; that’s why they’re my favourite brand!I like to think they’ve evolved with the clothing they produce just like I have as a person,I’m a little too old to skate anymore so its cool to wear shirts and shoes now I’m nearly 30 (still no ties though)
    Regardless, nuff brands will copy!
    And supreme is only expensive if you’re after the mad hyped loud shit, otherwise you pay for quality style that is timeless:I’m still rocking shit from early 2000s!


    It just feels like they are running of ideas. Arabic letterings been done, a large number of the headwear was available last season just in different colours and that schott jacket, although sick, isn’t too dissimilar from the one a couple of seasons ago.
    Still some dope shit, but it just dosen’t feel as limited or exclusive as it used to be, and looks like smart street wear instead of skater street wear.

    @KREATOR are you taking the piss? clearly you don’t own ANY supreme. I’ve got a number of supreme items none of them are made well. My london box logo has been worn twice and have two holes in it already, and the print is cracking after one wash, no quality whats so ever. And why bother bringing wealth into it? “you just don’t fit the demographic who can afford it and it upsets you.” the lower your income, the more you strive to have and appreciate expensive products. FACT.

  • Weston

    Any news on a European web store yet? Was hoping they might launch one with this season.

  • Geoff

    @DAMND: Supreme print quality on tees is pretty poor in my experience, same with NBHD. But their cut and sew has always been top notch from the pieces I’ve owned.

  • Deadmowgli

    @DAMND you mean the graphic tees that are printed on the same wholesale AAA tees as 9/10 of the US streetwear brands? Well done, you’ve just demonstrated how little you understand about clothing production.

  • Ken Jaxon

    The bulldog jacket is so wank

  • Ed

    The bulldog jacket is hideous!!! Apart from that, good drop

  • Mr Flowers

    No matter what you all say, people will still go ape shit for this.

  • roger rich

    …..the real model must have pulled a sicky…..??


    @DAMND you just completely contradicted yourself you fool.
    “the difference is with [supreme] I can take a classic from their 09? collection and it’ll be current now, where as I buy a Penfield shirt and that shit is ill fitted, low quality” + “There’s a reason Supreme are higher priced and thats because of a better quality garment” you then say “[Supreme] tees that are printed on the same wholesale AAA tees as 9/10 of the US streetwear brands?” idiot.

    And i do know about the clothing production as i actually run the uk branch of a large clothing brand. Diamond and Huf, for example, use Gildan ring spun soft style shirts, which eliminates the starched, stiff feeling supreme tops adopt after a few washes. This is chiefly down to the fact they contain 10% polyester, which dosen’t constrict the fabric to strictly retain its shape down to a T, but shape to the wearer.

    More so, supreme products are susceptible to wear and tear as, just buy feeling, its evident they use a t-shrit with roughly 20 – 35 lower gsm then other brands, such a the norse projects or only.

    Low quality is again echoed in their printing. They apply such a thin amount of ink and emulsion coating, with only a 305 mesh instead of a higher base plate, resulting in a low substrate thickness which means the prints often crack or fades. This completely defies the point of using screen printing over silk or heat transfer or laser, as screen printing allows you the chance to use a greater amount of ink without affecting the garment, making a better quality product, which they aren’t taking advantage off. I know about clothing production.


    @DAMND You know about clothing production? Well your knowledge of garment decoration is awful thats for sure. Why on earth would a screen printer use 305 mesh (the highest mesh count) to print block logos? 305 mesh is used for 4 colour process… Silk? That is screen printing right? Laser, what on earth would you be doing using a laser on garments? Shish, your knowledge is awful and how on earth would you know that Diamond and Huf use Gildan soft style? I cannot understand why you have wasted 10 minutes of your like talking absolute pony. What was the name of the large clothing brand you work for called? Sounds great.

  • ebohero

    there is a reason the guys only got his back turned in 2 of the shots….supreme spaffed all over the back of these pieces man…sigh — whats with the disabled worm/dog looking thing?

    won’t lie tho that turquoise jacket just left a bootycall on my nokia 1100

    p.s these two guys above need to pick up their sippy cups and go eat a steak or play Fifa or cut trees or something jeez.