Thorobred ‘V.1.2′ Lookbook

London brand Thorobred present their new lookbook featuring product from their second collection ‘V.1.2′, which includes tees, hoods & crewnecks, button-ups, windbreakers, and snapback caps.

It seems like the brand have ironed out most of the kinks that in all honesty I thought were all to prevalent in their first collection, immediately noticeable in the vast improvement in the quality of the caps for example. Most of the tees are type/logo based, with a splash of masonic imagery, but they all look pretty good – the College, Paradise, and Red Leaves designs being my favourite. Accompanying that are the two pullover hoods and a simple ‘block logo’ raglan crewneck, available in black and green. The Patriot pullover is my pick of the bunch, and goes well with the screen-printed ‘One Nation’ windbreaker, available in 5 colours.

The three plaid ‘Rudy’ shirts passed me by, and for me don’t represent anything unique enough to consider purchasing, but it’s great to see the brand include a full range of clothing from the outset. Finally, the collection also includes three snapback caps in a range of colours – the block logo and ‘One Nation’ offerings being my favourite. One thing I don’t quite get is the use of both Thorobred and Thoroughbred across the range – which is it? Other than that, I’m fairly impressed. It’s an ambitious collection for a relatively new brand, but it shows a lot of promise, and there are definitely a few strong pieces.

The full range is available to purchase now through Thorobred London online, or from the A.IN.T store (253 Portobello Rd, London, W11 1LR).

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • NIC

    its a good collection,

  • Kritic

    Crazy collection!!

  • ghost

    looks like a supreme rip to me. same text and the shoot is definitely a bite…sorry

  • Tiggz

    It all looks nice, but the last Throrobred tee I bought was of absolutely terrible quality, I guess I was a bit naive and should have realised this before buying it but the print design faded after 2 washes (inside out at 30 degrees) and the tee generally lost its shape. Worked out at around £10 per wear. It was binned a while ago now. However, that’s not to say this drop will be the same. As I said, it does look nice!

  • Thorobred

    @tiggz if you bring the tee to the shop we’ll replace it for you or drop us an email of the details of the one you purchased. We ensure nothing but quality in our garments,and apoligize for the hassle.

    We appreciate the comments guys..keep em coming!

  • Tiggz

    @Thorobred, it was the white Hand of God tee, as I said I’ve thrown it out now so can’t bring it into the store. Should I e-mail info@ or crockett@? Just had a look at the contact details on your site

  • Thorobred

    @tiggs try info@ with the subject of the email “thoroughbred V1.1 inquiry”