Visvim Spring/Summer 2012

The Spring/Summer collection from Visvim hit the UK this week, and it includes some incredibly well put together and detailed pieces of both footwear and apparel, taking inspiration from the heritage of the brand’s native Japan.

The return of the Curso Parka and Albacore shirt are hugely welcome, incorporating Japanese floral fabrics into the arms of the shirt and taping inside the hood of the beige Gore-Tex parka. The collection also includes two canvas wallets which, if you’re prepared to make the investment, are a beautifully detailed and well made accessory. My personal favourite are the Flynt Hi Sashiko shoes, particularly the navy cowhide suede with cross stitched binding and woven decal on the heel of the off-white vulc sole. The Patrician-Folk, Visvim’s take on the classic brogue, is another beautiful and incredibly detailed piece, with a blue Lama hide upper, and red Vibram outsole.

As always with  Visvim, prices certainly aren’t cheap, but you’re paying for quality, materials, details, and exclusivity, that you just don’t really get with any other brand. The collection is available in extremely limited numbers from End Clothing now.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Dave H

    real nice designs, especially those virgil boots. Are those crazy prices really necessary though?

  • golli

    oh my lord, this is wonderful stuff

    but i just saw the prices and shed a tear….

  • mellowhype

    nothing says ludicrously upyourownarse like charging 169 quid for a canvas wallet. NEXT.

  • blcklistd

    Dave H: but thats the japs for you

  • boba

    So we dissing Supreme and loving Visvim now? Can’t keep up these days.

  • cal

    I love visvim, but for most people who do shed out the pennies on premium clothing cant afford this. Visvim is just out of reach due to cost. I am not sure of there process’s or there materials so maybe that accounts for the prices. I would love to see there prices toned down a bit to get my hands on one of there products.

  • rob

    top quality stuff. prices are ridiculous tho.

  • Geoff

    Visvim costs because they source top quality fabrics and make the stuff in Japan using trained, professional craftsmen. They’re not screen printing on to some Hanes or Gildan tees in China using cheap labour. That all adds up…prototyping the pieces, making the shoes from your own template etc. Sure they make a tidy sum in profit but their cost base is so much higher to begin with that % wise I bet they don’t make as much as The Hundreds, Only etc…

  • PAX

    I just wana know where they get their socks!

  • PAX

    but sheeet! I gota admit I’m in love with the footwear 2nd from the bottom :(

  • mellowhype

    PAX – you can probably buy their socks, although theyre probably like £60 just for the left foot…

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  • The Engineer

    @Geoff Mate, no matter how much the cost is, there is no chance it comes up to anywhere near how much they charge. And % wise they DEFO make much more than hundreds etc- how much does it REALLY cost to make a flippin CANVAS wallet? Not much and unless the wallets come with p itself its a ridiculous price with a HUGE % profit! ARGH!

    Having said that this is ridiculously sick… especially the detailing on the hoody.

  • mista mista

    those prices… lol. as if a pair of Visvim brogues could be twice as better than a pair made by craftsman by traditional british brands….

    go ahead cool people… pay 600£ for a pair of mocassins…. go…