FSTL Clothing Tees & Hoods

Newport skatestore Freestyle have put together a small range of apparel under their ‘FSTL’ moniker, including embroidered zip-ups and printed tees.

The hoods keep it simple, coming in  grey, red, or charcoal heather, with the FSTL ‘crest’ embroidered on the chest. The tees are a homage to store dog Buddy with his likeness illustrated on the front of a white T-shirt, in the style of Frankie Hill’s classic ‘Bulldog’ Powell Peralta deck, as shown here modeled by local MC Kitty Cowell.

It’s important not to take these guys too seriously, we know they’re not doing that either, but if you want to support Newport’s finest you can pick it all up at Freestyle now.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • M

    Hoodies look really weak.

  • D-Money

    Yeah, those hoods look moody, like really poor quality.

  • logic

    look like american apparel?

  • Jake


  • Allpraisedue

    This stuff is so bad.

  • luis

    Superwankalistichipstershittyhopeless. Plus newport blows

  • Kritic


  • Alex

    Why is this even up here? Seriously. WEAK.

  • Scott

    The whole point of these shoots was too have a laugh. It seems like people are way too quick to show their opinions before they’ve even read what it’s all about.
    FSTL are all a group of friends doing something locally and trying to make it into something more noticeable than just a Skate Store. FSTL have done this by introducing apparel, and headwear which isn’t anything too serious or anything particularly hard to create but it’s something that represents the store, the skate crew and the family behind it.

    Too many people are bumping their gums on here as of late with so many opinions but only holding half a brain cell. I am pretty sure Adam dosent need to explain again why he has featured this on the website. He has a job to do, and he’s published it well.

  • Alex

    Scott mate. I respect the urge to get a scene to work together, it’s refreshing but doing it for fun doesn’t reserve anything produced from judgement, Be that positive or negative. Just seems that people if an opinion and if it isn’t what you want then you say ‘we’re doing it for the fun’, or ‘it’s for a laugh’. Fact is that FSTL has a following. So the appearance and execution isn’t essential as you’ll buy it up to rep your end but for those that don’t feel attached to it they feel the urge to judge it on the things that aren’t important to you.

    Adam has written it well and he does have a position to highlight whats happening in the UK scene but, just the output is weak. Why not do a write up on the store. If it’s all about the store and those that follow then why not cover that if even you say this isn’t ‘hard to create’. That would then please both sides. Those that want to show off what’s happening near them and those that want to see and purchase quality items of clothing, and even better if the two collide.

    I know it’s something that is much loved in South Wales but don’t take it so personally. If this is a review of the output of apparel then it’s a pointless post in as much as it’s a weak release and the activity and good opinions seems to come about the store itself. Stop squashing what people say just because they don’t understand the importance of a store like this is to you guys. We all have those stores but no point getting upset when some people don’t get it or don’t like it.


    Wow! Ha ha! Can’t believe how many people have an opinion on my stuff. Recon I will leave putting stuff on here from now on, you guys obviousely aren’t my demographic because we have a very loyal pack of dudes supporting the shop and the brand. Stoked on the reaction on line and loads of people fucking loved the stuff, going to have a little re-print of the Yeah Buddy Tee because thanks to the support of those that matter I have pretty much sold out.

  • Screwface Clothing

    Tough Crowd… at least you guys got featured I don’t know what we’re doing wrong! 30 emails deep in the game! #screwface


    Just to let you guys know, even if you aren’t into the FSTL brand my store doese hold alot of rad brads like Rip N Dip, Raised By Wolves, The Hundreds, HUF, King Apparel, Rook, Rebel 8, Palace to name but a few. All of the FSTL products are meant as a price point rather than competing with these. I am pleased with my Tee though, you can’t take that away. Thanks now go enjoy the sun. xxx

  • D-Money

    @Grim, welcome to the internet pal. If you don’t want people to have an opinion then don’t feature and there’s nothing ‘rad’ about any of those brands you’ve just mentioned.

  • Alex

    “You guys obviously aren’t my demographic”. Well I’m a 22 year old street wear enthusiast who skateboards fucking everywhere so no I guess I’m not the demographic for a skate shop. Silly me.

    Why put down people who don’t like this stuff? Seriously. You always bring the ‘haters gonna hate’ attitude which is immensely bizarre with the fact you own a business.

    Just turns people away from spending money. I’m sure you have your faithful and you don’t need money from anyone else but from the viewpoint of someone who likes buying online from independent retailers why the hell would I go to you when you have such a stupid attitude. Just learn to take criticism. Not everyone is lying on the floor waiting to devour every badly constructed, loose piece of excrement that comes from your arse. Some people need to see better.

    Sorry man but attitude stinks.


    Point taken Alex, I wouldn’t say that answering back to criticism is a bad attitude, I am really positive in my defense, I talk up allot of brands I have seen on line and so it is a bizarre thing to me that someone would spend their time hating on something somebody has put their heart into.
    D-Money, you are so right as well I just get frustrated at faceless criticism because I come from a time in skateboarding before the internet and it was very different then.
    We are in need of reaching every customer out their and this is why we are so pleased with Adam putting our stuff up on the DS, love the blog, love the dude (yes I love dudes before anyone goes there).
    Stoked on the hate for the other brands that I love, because these are brands I really look up to so it really takes the sting out of the hate for FSTL.
    I wasn’t putting anyone down at all, but surely it’s just the same sentiment as to putting my brand down.
    Lets face it if we met outside of the internet we would probably get on and skate together.
    The thing that I got most of all was “Not everyone is lying on the floor waiting to devour every badly constructed, loose piece of excrement that comes from your arse” Good point well made, I shouldn’t take it to heart as badly, over and out!


  • http://www.someonetalked.net deadmowgli

    Up and coming global streetwear brand set to take the world by storm with secret limited releases, obscene retail prices and the finest of Japanese cotton flannel materials? No.

    Simple, WYSIWYG local skate store apparel with simple, clean designs at a reasonable price point that local kids can chuck their spare cash at and rep their local scene without worrying about wrecking a £90 hoodie? Yes.

    Haters: Is there something wrong with the horse, or are you at the wrong course?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tompolish Tommy

    i like the tshirt, want a large one but cant find it anywhere? x


    hahahaha! Thanks for the kind words, Tommy, getting a re do of the tees, check the site or call me in the next 2 weeks, 01633 213129