indcsn Pre-Spring 2012

indcsn present a small drop of hats and accessories as a teaser to their upcoming Spring collection, keeping fans happy with a new 5 panel, more beanie hats, and another run of skateboard decks.

The Teddy Bear Camp Cap is constructed from a brushed cotton flannel, printed with an allover pattern of bears, rocking horses, and roses, with panels individually cut making the arrangement on each cap different from the next. It’s joined by two Gucci-inspired-colourways of the ‘Cuff Team Beanie’, both with multi-coloured bobbles, and three Candadian maple skate decks, featuring the Outline and Icon logos, the latter of the two also available in Cruiser form.

It’s a strong little selection which will almost certainly keep fans happy until the main Spring drop next month. Take a look at each of the products below, and make your purchases now at indcsn.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • mellowhype

    bit late for beanies isn’t it?

  • wavy

    never too late for gucci

  • Guza

    Camp cap copped!!

  • james92

    Ha , that cap is stoopid good. The fun aspect pisses all over the wannabe brands that are all over the interwebz.

  • youwhat211

    Gucci Gucci. Good to see some original fabrics used. Never seen a camp cap quite like it. Not sure I can pull it off though. Might have to settle for deck.

  • rjrijere

    Bit wintery x Christmassy.

  • logic

    nice drop on the 5 panel

  • Alex

    Not feeling this. Original fabrics are nice but to go from the ‘OFWGKTA’ style Dertbag collab to the HXC style tees to ‘Gucci style’ beanies. Meh. Just seems they’ve spent too long on Tumblr picking what’s cool at the moment. Beanies are all that with 20 something hipster girls but actually it’s warming up and it’s an item that people aren’t that bothered with at the moment. The cap is just meh, rip and dip did it better with the cat and wolf 5 panels. This is a label that could just give more and risk it.

    They sell stuff well and the prices are decent so they have the following to just risk it and do something that isn’t a rip disguised or has been done before.