Skulls 5-Panel Caps

Barcelona’s Skulls deliver a fresh batch of their custom 5-panel caps, handmade from limited printed fabrics featuring everything from fruit to fishing lures.

These sorts of bold allover-printed 5-panels seen to be available almost everywhere at the moment, but at least with Skulls you know you’re getting one of a production run often of less then 40 pieces. Caps are made from a single layer of fabric, and come with black taping, and Skulls woven patches, pieced together in Los Angeles. The patch on the front of each does stand out a little, and I think perhaps something a little smaller or in complementary colours could work a lot better.

This wouldn’t be the sort of thing I’d reach for personally, but I know there are people out there for whom these are be perfect. A limited selection is available now from Urban Industry, check them out below.


Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • M

    These are so sick.

  • D-Money

    Logo don’t work on the front. Some of the prints are nice though.

  • Ken Jaxon

    Rip off of only vintage 5 panels but nowhere near as cool or well designed.

  • Ken Jaxon

    The peaks also look shit

  • luis

    Can’t fault the materials and pattern but they need a logo redesign or move it to back by the strap cos its fugly as hell!!!

  • TH

    Love these. Have the shellfish one from the last drop. Like the chilli one this time. Tbh I like the way the logo stands out

  • Scott

    Ivan from Skulls has come a long way in a year, and its proven by how strong these look. He’s not really pushed away from doing anything other than headwear and the odd piece of apparel, but it seems too work. They sell out every collection, even if the units are small.
    I own a few pieces from the past collection and i two am not a massive fan of the peak, but the quality is great. The fabric’s chosen for these for example are on point and i’ll put it out there and just say i actually quite like the Skulls emblem situated on the front. It’s what people know now so why change it if their logo appeal if that’s not what they want to expose.

  • Alex

    Have to agree with Scott here, I actually like the emblem on the front. Feels different to the typical leather or fabric patches you see on the front of 5 panels now. Gives each piece more personality and it doesn’t feel as stock and boring.

    Not my thing these caps, never been a fan of 5 panels but these aren’t bad. Quality looks fine.

  • jockstrap


  • J1

    sick of crappy strap quality. not really aimed at skulls but brands sort it out.

  • Carlos

    I think this are just great, they are original, and the prints are well chosen and fun.
    I bet that if it were SUPREME written on the front everybody would be raving. ( Just my opinion=)

  • ivan

    Thanks everyone for the comments! New collection has a different logo emblem in front, but again, I will keep on changing it and going back and forth to the skull… Thanks again for the comments, Skulls is for fun, independent, and not owned by somebody who has no clue about “our world” ; )