Umbro x Palace Capsule Collection (Preview)

London skate brand Palace have teamed up with Umbro to create a capsule collection that stinks of the 90′s.

Two brands that I wouldn’t have put together personally, but make complete sense to be paired up, Umbro and Palace are both iconic UK sports brands. One being brand new and one having been around since the dawn of sports brands. It’s funny how the 90′s aesthetic of a brand such as Umbro has become very relevant again, and who better to team up with to put this forward than Palace, with their personal love of the era and football in general.

The collection seems to consist of a 90′s England football shirt from their away kit (too rad to even┬ácomprehend), a drill top and a reversible jacket, all co-branded. Dropping early April, I couldn’t be more excited for two UK brands to be working together.

Full info coming soon.

Styled image courtesy of i-D Online.

Alex Synamatix

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  1. Lev demonstrating exactly why Palace succeeds; they do what the fuck they want. Seriously clean shit and I can see all the little details that make me dig collaborative efforts. Seriously dope.

  2. Umbro have been fuckin with palace/nts/boiler room/leisure/isys for a while now, tryin to get in on this hip stuff…. Boiler Room 5s was an umbro sponsored thing, all the big heads in that scene in London rock Umbro. And you know that Umbro are giving big money to all these brands.

    But yeah pieces look real nice, I would feel kinda awkward wearing umbro though because I know that their rise as a brand of recent isn’t organic, but more a product of a few marketing heads telling Umbro to put money towards this culture in London. Big up to Lev and Palace though, granted they’re getting good Ps for this

  3. well umbro is owned by nike. so maybe people from the nike skate/urban department have a influence in what they are doing / who they are working with.