XCVB Spring 2012

Sheffield based XCVB present the lookbook for their Spring ’12 collection, shot in the delightful surroundings of an indoor adventure golf course and showcasing their collection of tees, vests, crewneck sweats and headwear.

The brand’s Spring collection references American sportswear, including teams like the Raiders and Grizzlies, and features a much stronger use of colour than previous ranges, with a number of bold prints. Of the designs, the Seven Hills on black is my favourite, with it’s Miami Vice-esque colour scheme, closely followed by the more reserved ‘Birdy’. While the Grizzlies and Raiders designs are well done, the brand have to be wary of simply re-interpreting regularly appearing team logos and following a trend which has become heavily saturated of late.

XCVB also present a range of colours in their ‘Arctic’ logo snapback, with a large, 3D-embroidered logo across the crown. Black and grey styles are available now, with more to follow shortly, alongside 5 panel caps, beanies, more tees, and a lightweight jacket in the second drop. On the whole, it’s a nice collection – I’m really feeling the quality of the prints, and the design work too – I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys for sure. Part one of the Spring collection is available now from XCVB, check it all out below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Alex

    Not keen on the pieces or the photography but the idea for the shoot it really nice. Little better execution and it would of worked, but those places with minimal equipment are usually a bitch to light nicely.

    I like it when brands just don’t take themselves too seriously.

    Also they actually have a theme running through, I know it’s the typical *YAWN* american sports team rip tees but at least it’s cohesive and as a release makes sense and will please the people it’s aimed at.

  • http://www.generalldn.com David

    Always loved XCVB, really digg the back drop aswell !

  • M

    Yeah I agree with Alex, not too sure on this drop looks a bit childish but the photography concepts are really nice.

  • jerk

    What a bunch of schmucks. bait bait bait. photos look like they were taken on an iphone or something.

  • XCVB

    Hey guys, out of interest what would you like to see XCVB doing design wise?

  • Christopher David Adams Jr

    this is offensive

  • Alex

    @XCVB, I understand as a newish brand you have to be careful what you release and taking a huge step away from the norm can be suicide but I’d like to see something more original. I don’t mean that in a harsh way at all.

    Just in the last year or so I have seen every brand and there mother trying to impersonate american fads and american streetwear and by the same you start they’ve moved on and the british scene seems to carry on like that a lot. Basically try and take a risk. Make interesting design that sets trends.

    If you really are interested in American sporting cultures then take a look at team kits, and make the approach a little more original and not so obvious.

    I really do like the concept though for the shoot. It’s cool to see a brand not just shooting on a street somewhere or in a forest.

  • D-Money


  • logic

    i would not buy these clothes because they would make me look like one of these fools

  • harrison

    american sports team was OVER-done last year by new york brands.

  • joe

    Is this brand for real? Looks like it belongs in primark or topshop.

  • omar

    i know this brand, and they’re from sheffield, which is cultural suckhole anyway, and nobody there ever seems to quite get ‘it’ hence while they’re putting out shit that wouldn’t have even been ok 2 years ago, when it was ‘ok.’

    Like Joe said, i’d expect some clueless idiot picking something like this up in topshop or primark, 6 months ago. Bait as fuck,.

  • BOB

    Wasn’t football born in Sheffield? Isn’t Sheffield famous for their steel industry? All these ‘dope’ references you could be playing on and you just regurgitate American sportswear themed designs. DUMB. Rebecca Scott would get slammed though.

  • pax


  • fred

    alllloooow thiiiiiiiis