Jilted Royalty Spring 2012

After a pre-release event in the brand’s native Birmingham earlier in the month, Jilted Royalty now release their full Spring collection to the rest of the UK, through a new website, blog, and store.

The collection itself is tight – comprised of 3 T-shirts, 2 crewneck sweats, 2 zip-hoods, and 3 snapbacks – but with the work that’s gone into the small range, it’s size is easily forgiven. Each garment is completely custom made and packed with details that only really become evident on closer inspection. The heavyweight cotton T-shirts are finished with woven patches on the sleeves and hem, hoods detailed with custom metal zipper-pulls and hood-string tips, while the crews come with elasticated side panels and branded button snaps. The quality can’t be faulted, and the attention that the brand has paid to every part of the process is more than evident.

Jilted is a brand that is punching far above it’s weight when it comes to cut & sew product, and that’s not a bad thing – there aren’t many UK brands producing product at this level. The designs are pretty bold though, and aren’t likely to appeal to your more reserved streetwear consumer, with a style more in line with brands like 10.Deep and Crooks & Castles. Check out a selection of images from the Spring Lookbook, shot within the local factories used by the brand below, and view the full thing, including a 3-part behind the scenes video interview here.

The full collection is available online from Jilted Royalty now.

Jilted Royalty facebook
Jay Jilted twitter

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • http://www.someonetalked.net deadmowgli

    None of this stuff is my thing at all, but so much props to the guy for creating some impressive products and being so ambitious. The embroidery and fit of the snapbacks is especially impressive, very rarely do independent brands manage to get Snapback fits right, in my experience. I especially like the details on the metal hardware, shows a real understanding of the power of branding and the garment as a whole product. I know this stuff will sell well to their target, no doubt at all.

  • lisle

    not relevant…but those guys tats are nuts! love em

  • http://www.thatsexage.blogspot.com C-Stylez

    Black ears?!


  • http://www.thatsexage.blogspot.com C-Stylez

    I’m rating the quality and attention to detail. Props, but the designs aren’t really my thing.

  • ProteinPower

    Clothes look decent *thumbs up*, but dude looks like a freak tho – what’s he expecting people to buy into such a tattoo brand, ed hardy eat your heart out LOL. Props to TDS for covering it tho, everyones gotta be heard, no matter how big, small, freaky or good –

  • yello

    Nothing but respect for the Jilted Royalty crew. Props goes out to a UK brand that are making quality garments that actually mean something instead of being just some bite off of another US brand. I really rate these pieces. These are the brands that we should be supporting. More power, even the name. YES GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!

  • Alan

    that level of detail is bonkers, guys gotta get some props for that. but those are some fugly ass graphics….

  • Am/Pm

    I think the graphics are spot on for the brand – Clean and detailed. In this collection alone there is reference to 2 of my favourite films (so thats dope) and all i hope is the stock isn’t so scarce as previous collections. In my opinion JR is becoming one of the quintessential British street-wear brands.

  • J

    @PROTEINPOWER For one Jay has been on TDS a fair few times now, and has a decent presence in the more rugged end of the UK street wear spectrum. And two call him a freak to his face lol… I dare you.

  • Tyler


  • ProteinPower

    @J, r u jay read or his sidekick??.. TDS is about streetwear n the clothes, as I said they get a thumbs up, but really not into the image behind it, he’s 2 extreme to be just streetwear,wats gangsterfilms to with it? if he could skate or some shit fair nuff,gettin tatted everywhere seems to be a place for sites such as ratemyink or ink blogs!

  • Scott

    The quality is the only thing that appeals to me, but you have to give them credit. The detail is fantastic and it looks they have gone straight in with great suppliers. Well executed.

  • http://www.respect-tradition.com Cian

    Attention to detail is amazing. I like his tattoos, the more visible blackwork is cool

  • TM

    @proteinpower so, streetwear is about the clothes, but if he could skate and that was the image behind it that would be fine? What sense does that make? Gangster films have long been an influence on clothing, you only need to look at prominent US brands to see that, so that criticism is completely baseless. And why the fuck does it matter if he likes to get tattooed? Surely that doesn’t detract from the clothes themselves? I just don’t see what it has to do with anything, fair enough you dislike tattoos, but like you said, it’s about the clothes, and this is a solid collection.

    In fact, you only need to go 2 pages back to see other obvious references to a gangster film, and a model with a fairly prominent set of pieces on his left arm.

  • bitg