Nike Air Pegasus 89 (Air Max 1 OG inspired pack)


In the latest Peg drop, The Nike Air Pegasus 89 sees two Air Max 1 OG inspired colourways.

Pegasus fans should be rejoicing right now, as the 89 is by far the finest silhouette the range has to offer, so it’s nice to see it step outside of it’s proverbial box and adopt the stylings of the OG AM1. I don’t really need to say anything about the colourways here, as we all know where they came from. However, I have to draw attention to the addition of paint on the NIKE logo, positioned on the rear side of the outsole – something I’m not too familiar with when it comes to Peg 89s, but it works. I also have to draw attention the the spat of horrible colourways put onto the Pegasus 89 a few years back, unrightfully so, making this pack even nicer.

For those who have their heads well and truly in the AM1 cloud, just try a pair of these on and you may find yourself renouncing the AM1 as your all time most comfortable Nike runner. This silhouette is a work of art. As you can most likely tell, I’m a big Peg 89 fan.

Another nice touch to these beauties is that they are exclusive to JD Sports, so they are exclusive to the UK (a damn good look), and most likely to be overlooked by most (an even better look). You can say what you want about the JD giant, but you have to give them props for making this happen.

Both colourways are available now, exclusively in-store and online from JD Sports for the realistic price of £67 a pair (dear Air Max 1, please take note).

Nike-Air-Pegasus-89-Air-Max-1-OG-02 Nike-Air-Pegasus-89-Air-Max-1-OG-03 Nike-Air-Pegasus-89-Air-Max-1-OG-04 Nike-Air-Pegasus-89-Air-Max-1-OG-05 Nike-Air-Pegasus-89-Air-Max-1-OG-06 Nike-Air-Pegasus-89-Air-Max-1-OG-07

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  • Ed

    I’m liking these. I’ve wanted a pair of Peg 89s for far too long now.