Supreme x The North Face SS12

This Spring, Supreme once again come together with outdoor specialists The North Face, to produce a six piece capsule collection made up of two colourways in the Venture Jacket, Hot Shot Backpack, and the Wayfinder 25 Rolling Bag.

The entire collection utilises an allover print of a traditional world map, overlayed with Supreme text, and printed across the Venture Jacket’s water resistant ripstop shell, and the ballistic nylon which makes up the two pieces of luggage. Additional branding is found on the inside of the jacket, front of the backpack, and the sides of the rolling bag. Colourway choices are real nice – a simple black/white and the more interesting tan/navy, and for me, the style evokes images of some of the two brands’ collaborations from seasons past, rather than their more resent output.

The full range will be available from Supreme London this Thursday, April 26th, view it all in detail below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • deadmowgli

    Every product the brand releases seems more and more geared towards their new customer base. Heavy branding, lower prices, cheaper production, more accessible, nice and attention grabbing. I just don’t really feel this at all, it seems all wrong for a brand that always took pride in understated quality to be releasing adaptations of some of the cheapest TNF models and just slapping patterns on it and stuff. It feels like Supreme are having their Bape 2003 moment.

  • Ed

    Two of the most grotesquely over-hyped brands in the world collaborate on some gimmicky pieces to detract from their own mediocrity. Staaaaaandard.

  • blcklistd

    i completely agree with you Deadmowgli

  • D-Money

    Looks like something Addict would of done a few years ago. Moist.

  • logic

    how is north face over hyped?

  • rob

    D-Money is spot on. Not a fan of any of this or their recent line of tees…

  • logic

    u lot take this way too seriously

  • OH RLY?


    LOL Hypocrite much…

    logic says:
    March 29, 2012 at 12:42 am
    i would not buy these clothes because they would make me look like one of these fools

    Chill mayne <3

  • logic

    fuck me look at this guy, ‘erm actually, please see here a month ago on march 29th you commented on a new collection’ go and testify this case to yourself in the mirror pagen, no1 gives a fuck

  • AudioEtc

    Yet another mediocre Supreme outerwear release. Might fuck with one of the backpacks, but the jackets are horrible. Stopped caring about Supreme a long time ago, but for North Face, this is disappointing. STOP SUPREME COLABS AND BRING PURPLE LABEL TO THE UK!


    Never seen a brand to split opinion as much as Supreme. At the end of the day its guaranteed comments and yeah a lot of it is subjective…. but damnnn man…. people love to go innnnn whenever anything drops.

    Supreme are OG’s, and love em or hate em they been in this ting since ’94…before majority of dick riders were even born…. cats need to realise that although you try and maintain a core ethos and values, times change, as well as your market and consumer. Brands have got to be fluid in this marketplace and as we have seen with various naive startups, if you don’t facilitate the idea of change or experimentation to some degree, then you will die a quick and non-profitable death.

    You can’t please everyone all of the time.
    No one is going to be feeling every single item from every drop every year are they?

    Me personally, I think it’s OK, not anything to go apeshit over, but its alright, the backpacks ain’t too bad. I’d consider copping. Some of the guys spitting vitriolic rants need to be easy.
    To be honest guys, if it ain’t for you, then leave it as that then keep it moving.

    After looking through a number of other forums and blogs, all the worst hate (and I’m not saying its anything I specifically read in this actual post – in fact i totally get where deadmowgli is coming from) just seems to from people that seem like they secretly mad cos they were to late to cop their favourite 5 panel.

    A lot of cats that been around for all of two seconds think they above Supreme…when some of them trollers really need to GTFO.

    Reality check!

    Hold tight TDS anyway and the rest of the regulars on this

  • OH RLY?

    Woo you take this way too seriously duuuuuude ;p

  • Tommy

    Since the london store and ofwgkta supreme have never put any pride into there clothing. If you remember the days of only the hideout and dsm where it was hard to kop a decent item there quality has fallan dramaticaly! Too many people now wanting an item with a logo so they can show off the fact they have an item from supreme. This collection will just be another on the list.


    Since Supreme have been running stores in other global locations for a number of years now I don’t really think its likely that opening a London store is now responsible for the whole brand falling off. Nor cos some punk like Tyler decides to rock it. The brand has been around before him and will be around after him. If Tyler came on the scene rocking Ed Hardy people would be all over it again like flies on shit.

    As I said earlier Supreme been in this ting long enough to know what they are doing, and I’m pretty sure James Jebbia is not having any sleepless nights worrying about it. The dick riders come and go, all it takes is for some next upstart teen to come on the scene rocking something else to deflect the attention away, and its back to business as usual for those who relate to the brand and support it for the right reasons.

    In terms of the quality of the designs – some of it you will like, some of it you will not, thats a fact. Whilst I rep the brand I will question its offerings when applicable – The actual quality of some of the material of the clothes themselves has sometimes been negligible – the tees in particular are no different than any other tee that pretty much lasts for 5 or 10 washes before it starts to deteriorate. Wearing a box logo does not equate to wearing spun gold.

    And yeah it is slightly annoying seeing some spoilt 13 year old dragging his parents in the shop begging for a 5 panel, as thats not a true representative of the demographic, but thats what happens, not just in the London store.

    I always said ill see how the London store fares a year after opening once the initial excess hype has died down. But as far as I can see its here to stay.

    People need to get over this kind of self-narcicissm of thinking they are the only ones good enough to wear something and as soon as they see another dude in the same thing it somehow seems to devalues the item – and everyone is then quickly rushing home to jump on the net to get first dibs on the new fad. I’m sure if Supreme was a private paid members only club a lot of people would be even more on it to try and get a look-in.

    As soon as something has a physical retail presence, that makes it mainstream – it’s open to business and accessible for whoever wants to come in and buy its wares. Its tough times out there, and people gotta eat.

  • deadmowgli

    I think you’ve got some really good points REALTALK, and you certainly make a lot of sense. As far as it goes with me, in the same way that I think they’re having a Bape moment in that there’s a huge amount of hype and hysteria about the brand at the moment, I don’t think it’s going to last very long and it will eventually die down. The problem that arises for me hough is that Supreme has a large customer base of guys who go along on the release days and drop large amounts of money because they really support the brand.

    What I’m starting to see is these guys getting more and more put off because they are surrounded by people who are only there to, as others have said, buy something with a logo on for as cheap as possible. It raises concerns for me that perhaps Supreme are alienating their customers in the interest of attracting the ‘weekend shopper’ by releasing product like this or the camp caps (something like 8 official designs in 2009, 22 in 2012?!) and they will just end up making less and less effort with the quality, expensive products that people really care about. We’ve already seen it in the case of some of the button-ups and Jumpers (the College Crewneck from S/S11 and the Harlem Crewneck this season, for example, are/were horrendous). There’s trying to meet your brand’s demand, and then there’s welcoming a new type of demand altogether. If there’s one brand that CAN control its own hype, it’s a brand that started off with the store clerks taking clothes out of customers’ hands and telling them it’s sold out when they didn’t like the look of them. It would be completely unrealistic to expect that kind of behaviour nowadays, but I still worry that the original customers aren’t being cared for.

    S/S2010 – Expedition Pullover – Completely new silhouette, 2 unique colourways and a classic black, understated branding and completely unique to the brand.

    S/S2012 – Venture Jacket – Cheap, low-performance jacket with a massive pattern and lots of heavy branding printed on, and a significantly lower price than ANY of the TNF collabs. The backpack was cheaper even than the Supreme backpack this season.

  • deadmowgli

    And props to TDS for facilitating some proper discussion. At least people are talking about the scene!


    Yeah, Deadmowgli you have hit the nail on the head with a lot of stuff you said.

    I myself was taken aback by the sheer expansion in volume in things like the amount of camp caps from the fall ’11 collection onwards…. It is definitely a question of supply and demand, and the type of demand you are catering to. And as as you say there has gotta be even more quality control and consistency when there are more numerous releases. There have been a few questionable inclusions, the last couple of seasons, most definitely. There examples you mentioned were spot-on.

    There is a part of me that does miss the nostalgic appeal of previous years at the Hideout and DSM, but we can’t keep living in the past. What I normally do is rotate my stuff from previous seasons during the current one, so at least there is gonna be some variation between you and the next average joe on the street.

    I’ve pretty much acquired the couple of bits I need from the S/S 12, so Im gonna be easy and see what the fall ’12 collection offers. Fall collections are normally a lot better anyway.

    But yeah big up everyone for having a decent discussion about it!

  • fiyahbun

    is it a crime to say the cream jacket and bag are nice? :/ i’d purchase

  • Its the end of it

    street wear slowly dying out it becoming been there done that.
    round 2 years ago brands like “supreme was a skate brand & obey were good now it sorta falling into the part of the “chino wanker look”
    im getting abit sick of it & bored now & it not cause it not “UNDERGROUND” anymore why it shit just over rated now.

    im more into my skate barnds like enjoy..fallen..DC & palace they bring somthing fresh in my eyes right now.

    i remember the days i wore a hundreds snap back & cuff my jeans in college everyone was like what the hell you wearing .

  • Its the end of it

    What makes me irritated tho is how thoses tumblr kids look at me. Like they expect me to appreciate their clothing or rate it somehow. And it happens on a daily basis. im sick of it really.

  • deadmowgli

    ^ There are still a load of quality brands out there and like you said Palace have demonstrated that it is possible to come out with simple streetwear and kill the game. Even they are suffering from the proximity effect with being so closely associated with the big name brands, remember.

    The thing is that over the past few years people in the street scene have become more and more discerning. They feel the fabrics when they go into shops, they try items on, they look at the fit, they read the labels, they wanna know where it’s made. It’s great, because a lot of brands are taking note and upping their game again. Look at Umbro with the Palace collab. You would never really associate that brand with streetwear but they’re recognising the demand and trying to produce a quality product for that customer. Levi’s Streetwear, it’s affordable, quality denim specifically designed for skaters and street heads. Who would have seen that coming a few years back?

    But then the streetwear fad kicked in and the ‘mass consumer’ is buying the product too, and they still don’t give a fuck, they still just wear whatever is in at the moment. So all you can really do is just keep doing your thing, keep looking for the quality, keep wearing the legitimate product and just let the idiots enjoy their camp caps and snapbacks because they’ll always be around. In the mean time there are some great brands like Fuct, Norse Projects, Goodhood, Nike and some of the Vans Vault/Syndicate productions and countless others who are still bringing the quality products without necessarily sacrificing the quality.

  • Sneakysbest

    Some proper discussion going on here, rather than the shit slinging of hypebeast. Personally my two cents is that this new found demand and hype of supreme is killing it, and its pushing away the customers who ultimately after this phase will keep it up. Having lived in the UK my whole life and really getting into supreme around 4 years ago, it was a real struggle to get hold of, sure there was DSM and Hideout, but you had to be commited to get pieces. I remeber when the Peter Street store first opened, yeh there was a grand opening but eventually after that i found myself on occasion being in the store with only two or three other people who where wearing similar brands and styles to me. Nowadays, i’ve gotta queue on every release day, annoying but a fact, but queuing on a saturday to get into the store? Now that is pissing me off, and now I just avoid going and get a member of a my forum to do a pickup as i’d rather sit at home and pay the 4£ postage then stand in a line with these kids who are all clamouring after a camp cap, willing to blow all their motnhs money on it

    Now this may be good for supreme, but only in the short run. When Tyler and his crew of wankers moves onto the next clothing line (most likely their own) all these kids will jump ship and flock to that. However, this is where shit hits the fan for supreme, its dedicated customers where sick and tired of being pushed aside with crap product and wanky design to satisfy the younger consumer, and now they have relatively few consumers

    But hey, maybe their will be the people like me 4 years ago who are just starting to explore, hate to call it this, ‘streetwear’. No doubt supreme will still be around, its whether people will actually buy it.

    Anyway im now off to go drool over some visvim FBTs and a Wtaps sherpa as im a hypebeast apparently.

  • deadmowgli

    Well, it’s certainly not the first time a tosser has donned a camp cap and made the brand unappealing, and I think there’s a mixture of ‘streetwear over-protectivity’ with such a classic and revered brand, combined with a bit of frustration that what was originally (and is still often described as) the ‘counter-culture’ brand for the outsiders is now being embraced so enthusiastically by the general shopper. It’s a sense that what you thought was the cool secret isn’t so secret anymore, and perhaps won’t be that cool either as a result. I, for one, am fed up of being asked about “drops”.

    Yeh, the store is busier and busier. I’m sure the people up top aren’t particularly upset about it; as I said, if they really wanted to then there’s plenty ways a brand like this could stem the hype. They’re the masters of selective selling to a profit. However, it’s 2012, not 1994, and the economy is fucked. We should be glad that the brand isn’t suffering the same way as so many other businesses, let alone brands, have done in recent years.

    But yeh, as discussed before, I just think that if you’re into streetwear and clothes etc. that much then perhaps now is a good time to get your nose out there and start discovering new labels, rediscovering the old ones you used to love and just generally showing support for the brands that aren’t drowning in hype but perhaps deserve it? There are plenty of them out there, and whether you’re into your high-end streetwear (NBHD, WTaps, SSDD, etc.) or classic grown up clothing (A.P.C., Albam, Norse, etc.) or just straight up streetwear (SSUR, Fuct, Diamond, Trapstar) there really are a lot of other brands out there, doing it to the same degree of style and quality (well, let’s be honest, higher quality) and they aren’t anywhere near as blown up. So you know, you do you, real recognise real, all those sayings. Let the fad run its course, and in enough time the caps will be gathering dust under the bed along with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Beyblades, Von Dutch Caps and Schott reversible hoodies. It’ll happen, don’t worry.