Trapstar ‘The World Is Yours’ collection

The latest collection from London’s Trapstar, titled ‘The World Is Yours’, has one inspiration that is present somewhere in the mind of any want-to-be business magnate at it’s core – the Al Pacino classic, Scarface.

The collection has an impressive start; the black montana suede and snake-print bomber jacket, with red piping finishing off the brand’s signature colourway, but at £400 it doesn’t come cheap. The rest of the collection is made up of mostly tees and fleece, including box logo flips on the Scarface branding, photo prints of film stills, and other designs referencing the 1983 film’s Miami setting, including a reworking of the Miami Vice logo on black and white tees.

Finishing things off are two complimenting snapback caps, and another run in the brand’s Signature beanie. As a concept, the collection works well on paper, and items like the custom bomber show the sorts of pieces that Trapstar are capable of producing, which is why it’s a shame that there’s little to distinguish this from previous releases and other Trapstar logo carriers. Things have already begun to sell out though, and I’m sure fans will be happy to add a few more pieces to their collections. Check it out below, and purchase all of the items online from Trapstar now, or from their Portobello Road flagship store.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Shaunie…

    There’s no progression here. A brand can’t always rest on it’s name alone, sooner or later it will catch up with them

  • Shaun…

    Ive been following this site for a couple of years. Check it out EVERY day. Today is the last. ‘DELETE from favourites’.
    Daily Street has turned into an Advert site for certain shops and brands.

    If you comment on here honestly, subjectively… and it’s not the view of the site, it gets deleted.
    Very disappointed. Ive a feeling your streetcred is dead.


  • C-Stylez


  • Suffocake

    @Shaun, genuinely sorry to hear you feel that way man, though I’m a little confused as to why you chose this post to voice your concerns, being that Trapstar would have been one of the first brands we ever featured going back as far as December 2009. We try to keep our content as varied as possible, be that in brand, store, style, or type, so I’m disappointed to hear that perhaps we’re not achieving that.

    As for what you said about comments, I’m sure you’ll see plenty of negative feedback on the site, whether that be towards us or the brand in question, and it’s our policy only to remove comments which are deemed to be of offensive nature, hence why, I’m sure to your disbelief, you’ll find your comment approved.

  • james


  • Hunter

    How boring would the comments be if TDS only posted ridiculously good drops?

  • logic

    why shaun actin a little bitch, who gives a f*ck about your life story i came here to read constructive comments

  • A

    ^ it’s not ment to be about the comments. It’s ment to be about the brands / clothings / drops etc.

    Should just have a forum where the comments and banter can be done.

    Keep the posts un opinionated. Just show the pics. Info of brand items etc. leave the articles free from comments and writers opinions.

    Then all the banter can be taken to the forum posts.

  • deadmowgli

    Personally I don’t really rate the bomber at all, but I do rate a UK brand being really ambitious and going that extra mile to produce something above and beyond the level of the other brands. I’m still yet to get the Trapstar ‘bug’ but I admire a brand that seems to keep the punters drooling and releases in such a cool, calm and reformed manner. Some of the designs are better than others, for sure, but that’s variety for you. Would like to see them do something more on their own laurels in the future and not so dependent on the popularity of a cultural phenomenon such as Scarface. If that doesn’t make sense I apologise.

  • eB

    very dissapointed with the new drop… only maybe 2 pieces i would wear at the most!

  • Chris

    Whenever i look at this brand i can honestly say that they are pony. No vision, no drive and no refreshing pieces. Every drop seems to be very close in nature, and no wonder the UK ‘streetwear’ scene seems to be dead, because of drops like this. The designs themselves are very basic, and as a whole this brand lacks creativity, which amazes me as to how trapstar are still in business let alone deemed a ‘credible’ brand!

    The UK brands need to step up and think more about products ahead of profits perhaps, as the gap between the US and us is only ever going to grow and grow!

  • Don


  • @x2sidney

    Really though, why is Trapstar such a hyped up brand? someone please tell me? follow me though @x2Sidney and tell me there.

    Shout me

  • Geoff

    Scarface? Seriously? What’s next on the conveyor belt of the obvious references for a streetwear brand…Spongebob? Trapstar have the makings of a decent brand but this seems like a step backwards in every way.

    £400 bomber jackets? If you’re pricing stuff up there you’re competing with some serious stuff and that looks like something you could find Elephant & Castle market on a Saturday.

  • Pidgey

    JANG Collective