Recap: Vans Camden Store Opening

Vans have opened the doors to the latest of their European hubs, London’s world famous Camden.

The fact that Vans didn’t already have a store in Camden genuinely took me by surprise; I just put two and two together and assumed you discover guitars, skateboarding, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Kurt Cobain and then make the pilgrimage to Camden to buy your first ever pair of Vans. It’s Almost a right of passage, but now all the first time Vans owners (and us folk who have spent a probable 80% of our lives so far in a pair) will have a beautiful new home to buy them from.

The new store features a new shop fit, which will be rolled out across all the European stores, featuring a combination of wood, metal and space that gives it a much more earthy feel as opposed to the quite industrial look at the moment. I’m liking the transition and look forward to seeing how it works at the rest of the London destinations as well. I couldn’t help but notice that their seems to be a real emphasis on the Vans clothing, with the area right to the rear of the shop being reserved for their footwear, the product that their name is synonymous with.

As I said, the store is located bang opposite Camden Town tube station, so if you’re planning on picking up a new pair, head down to Camden and check out the new shop whilst you’re at it.

Photography: James Clothier

James Clothier

James is a freelance photographer. As well as being a talent behind the lens, James also has a passion for Menswear.

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  • blcklistd

    If you’re gonna open a Vans shop anywhere in London, you’d expect it to be in Camden… How strange to discover that there hasn’t been one up until now…