Acapulco Gold Spring 2012

Acapulco Gold are definitely one of my favourite streetwear brands, and the second delivery of their Spring range, which landed in the UK this week, is testament to just why I hold them in such high regard.

Combined with the first drop, it makes for a pretty impressive collection, with a standard tees and caps and a few other more interesting pieces. The tigerstripe camo Utility Pants are an instant winner for me (though unfortunately they don’t seem to have made their way to the UK just yet), made in the USA and finished with BDU-style buttons and branding, completing the military look. The Shaving Point Coaches Jacket is a strong look too – a step further than the usual ill-fitting printed variety, it comes with a more tailored cut, soft flannel lining, and stitched ‘AG’ lettering on the chest. The ‘A’ logo snapbacks seem to have garnered most of the attention so far, particularly the tan and navy Hawaiian numbers, which bare more than a slight resemblance to the Hawaiian print used by Supreme on their spring/summer pullovers, shorts, and camp caps – perhaps a little too close to home for former employees of the other New York brand.

Added to the tees, pullover hoods, and crewnecks that came with the first delivery, there are plenty strong pieces to choose from. The range is available in the UK now from Angry Daves and Urban Industry, check out the lookbook below.

Acapulco Gold

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • dm

    I got a lot of respect for AG, some of their snaps and tees last season were so on point. None of this stuff seems anywhere near as vibrant or exciting in comparison, and that Player tee is just god awful. Quality looks on point as usual though, you really can’t knock them for that.

  • M

    Same shit, different brand.

  • RA87

    I agree with what DM has said. Possibly a brand that has burnt out. Quality is on point but maybe a lack of inspiration.

  • rob

    £100 for the Shaving Jacket. That’s a hefty price tag for what is essentially a raincoat… some nice stuff here though

  • yello

    Their hats fit better then most out there and quality def better than Supreme…was in Supreme store last night and I don’t don’t how they charge £50 for some thin material poorly made hat. Quality pieces not the most amzing in terms of design.

  • mike

    Loving the T, be good to see what the fit is like. No bling I notice