Dark Nature Clothing 003 Collection

South Wales’ Dark Nature Clothing present their third collection (following January’s 002 release), the first of two drops for SS12, with two 5 panel caps and the brand’s ‘Cement Pack’, comprised of a T-shirt, crewneck, and iPhone cover.

The Jordan-inspired cement thing is something that’s been done numerous times before, but it’s executed cleanly here in a rectangular chest print, with the brand’s triangle logo sitting at the centre – it looks good on the iPhone 4 cases too. The 5 panels come in cranberry red or olive/grey, the latter with a suede peak, and both with branded woven labels on the front.

Dark Nature continue to try new things with every drop, and it’s impressive to see them already progressing into headwear and accessories. As with most of the brand’s releases, this stuff is unlikely to be around for long, so head to Dark Nature now to make a purchase.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • HMP

    Cranberry red 5 panel is nicee!

  • gully

    quality on the caps looks pretty underwhelming…

  • mellowhype


  • d püré

    Just looks really uninspired to me, if you’re going to use a well known pattern atleast use it in a creative way.
    Other than that, nothing looks too bad and props for upping their range of products.
    But the fit on the crewneck does look pretty terrible

  • cal

    doesn’t look bad, but completely unoriginal and so overhyped.

  • dm


  • cal

    way overpriced too

  • Alex

    The fuck. They wanted to establish a crew style I’m guessing from the southern division shit and the dog tags from the last drop and did absolutely nothing with it apart from plastering it on some dodgery old 5 panels that look weak as fuck.


    The pattern is fucked, lacks any interest. Better than camo I guess, but fuck, no creative imagination. Take the same pattern and wack it on everything. Also wack it on a stock looking, or just incredibly badly fitted jumper as well. Unless they’re going for the baggy, street vibe to it and even then it comes with a fucking decent fit.

    First 2 drops were unimaginative and bearable, this is unimaginable and inoffensive. The bran just lacks any personality. There’s nothing there, nothing, not even trying.

  • http://youtube.com/shortfusephil astroid boys



  • dm

    ^ You are the most ridiculous collection of morons I have ever seen in my life and I really hope whatever it is that you are doing goes out of fashion in the cultural hub of Cardiff very, very soon.

  • Alex

    @DM. They’re late in Cardiff to the whole WOLF GANG, OFWGKTA, SWAG, SWAG, Socks and Vans thing so they get very easily excited when they do. I should know, I lived there. Like the kid at school that got shit later than the other kids but kills it all by going on about it over and over when they do.

    Although as I’ve said before Droneboy is the best thing coming out of there at the moment.

    Who, DN, AstroidBoys,Wolfpack. Freestyle, Kitty Cowell and the rest, musically and stylistically they’re just behind or a bit desperate.

    NOW THAT’S A PROVOCATIVE STATEMENT. Let’s get this argument rolling.

    Nah, but they are usally late to it all like most cities after London so everythings just a bit awkward when they do, do it.

  • HighC

    Beyond weak!!
    Roll them sleeves down…it aint cool and does nothing for the tee!

    That Heather Grey sweat…just looks washed out and ill fitting, with a design that looks like someone picked up some WH Smith transfer paper and went to town with their inkjet!

    That cap..leave it! Again no thought, no imagination. Details and originality make a product end of! Not sticking a label on the front of some 5 panel cap from camden market!

  • Ken Jaxon

    its a shame coz there logo on its own is pretty cool, the collection is however weak

  • JB

    the fit on that jumper is horrific, looks very cheap and the print on the front isn’t helping! tacky pattern. Droneboy rules but as for this shit it needs to either step their game up considerably or just let it go. As for the Astroid Boys thing.. come back when you know a bit more about grammer, punctuation and especially fashion, you are doing nothing for the scene.

  • M

    5 panels are the only thing I like in this drop.

  • Alex

    Check the Facebook page. Basically saying it’s been upsetting to them that guys that critique in in not the best light perhaps don’t have the spirit as those that like it because we should all be supporting new labels.

    So this is an open letter to Scott of Dark Nature.

    Scott, last drop you had positive and negative opinions. Then you bitched about it, you did with drop 001 and now you are again. Come on. The only people who HAVE to support something new is your friends, that’s it. That may extend across the scene but it doesn’t HAVE to extend over the country. If it does thats a rare and special thing and that’s reserved for those that create something so incredible that it changes the scene and creates something that is leagues ahead.

    I’m sure Freestyle give you more support than a lot of clothing companies who are new get. You get a lot of support for sub standard turnout that brands pulling bigger punches struggle to get. You have word of mouth and gained a lot of attention quickly. Quit acting the bitch and start justifying those peoples faith in you and start justifying Daily Street giving you a one up over so many others. The reason people ‘hate’ on DN is not because we want you to fail, or because we dislike your label, it’s simply because as the UK streetwear scene becomes stagnant it becomes so damn frustrating to see company after company still driving themselves into a big pit of uncreative nonsense.

    We want something fresh and YES, it may not take 3 drops to get that integral style and everything may be a bit vanilla until then and one good thing I would say is that after 3 drops you already pulled a more original collection out then Whyme? did, which was piss poor. BUT, it’s all about quality, it all feels too stock, it all feels to plain and boring, it doesn’t stand out. It may get notes on Tumblr because the right people reblog it but that doesn’t shield you from often informed critique. I see legions of crap coming out every day as well as some gems. I slate Supreme or Stussy or Fred Perry or Nike if they drop weak stuff, so why not a start up company who need positive and negative feedback to build a base for the next drop. It may dishearten you but criticism of your work makes you up your game and prove people wrong.

    Doesn’t matter where you are or when you start, you create. Any creation is up for review. Art, music, design. An artist doesn’t get saved from a terrible review and given the thumbs up just because they’re new. They’ll get slated and either come back better or never return. Just stuff winging. Please. Again. Find a niche, find something that really gives you an identity and pursue it. I personally would rework the logo as is just so generic and says nothing about you, well the DN is fine but the triangles are so unneeded, reevaluate the style and look of your design and come back better for 004.

  • G

    You call that print cement? Looks like a live trace of the elephant print used on Jordans. Shout out to your skills on Illustrator, poor.

  • D

    Jesus, you all act like you’re absolute fashion experts. Respect to the people who are actually out there making something of there lives and starting a business. I only discovered this blog tonight and all ive seen is negativity.

  • http://www.thediggersltd.co.uk Chris Airplays

    ^ it is a bit tedious D but you get used to it!

  • BEN

    The new 5 panel hats are looking kind nice . keep it coming

  • RAY

    i phone looks dope.

  • dm

    I ask myself who contributes more to the discussion, the people who put forward their opinions and explain why they like or dislike a product, or the people who chime in to complain about aforementioned people.

  • JM

    You lot are a bunch of bitches…….why so much negativity? There is a lot to be said for the phrase “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all”…. The way you’re tearing into these guys makes you look like a bunch of sexually frustrated, opressed, fashion school, homosexuals. Straight.

    And i don’t know these guys at all i should add.

    Actually shocking….makes The daily street seem really un-proffessional as well. If you want my advice you should disable the comments it does nothing but give voice to bedroom haters. Crirtique is one thing but then you guys do that in your write up’s anyway. It doesnt need every tom dick and harry’s comments, as they just turn this site in to some weird male fashion bitching session, which is not what streetwear was ever meant to be about.

  • joshua

    alex / dm speak truth in all fairness.

  • http://www.thediggersltd.co.uk Chris Airplays

    Constructive criticism is great and can help to fuel a discussion. Flippant negative comments are a waste of time. Say something positive and/or constructive and it helps everyone. Not really much point in attacking people because they don’t think the same as you.

  • dm

    It is easier to provide constructive criticism for some items than it is for others. T-Shirt designs and concepts in street wear are often a case of ‘Hit’ and ‘Miss’ and as far as it goes with me, this is a complete miss. What would my constructive criticism be? Start all over again. The caps are clearly done by an inferior manufacturer and the label design is textbook. The cement print looks like maths book doodling and the triangles are the streetwise equivalent of sagging breasts at a Take That concert right now.

    It’s great when people are able to provide measured, reasoned responses to articles with design / concept tips etc. but this is a site for fans and followers as well as designers and creators. People who might not know much about design, therefore limiting their ability to provide constructive advice, are still entitled to voice a valid opinion and if they think something looks like shit then they can say. This, unfortunately, looks like shit.

    Most of the negative comments contain enough hints on how to improve, it simply hasn’t been sugar coated. With output as poor at this at the third release it’s hardly surprising. Between Garmz Apparel, Dark Nature, Astroid Boyz and god knows what other turd out there, it’s becoming quite apparent that South Wales is churning out some utter dogshit right now. Shots fired.

  • Alex

    DM knows it. I approach this from a design mind and an informed street wear mind. Seems DM does too. I’m mostly annoyed by DN as frankly it could be so much more if they just risked it for once.

  • lol

    i dont see why a lot of the posters on this site do not have their own brands yet seem to know oh so much about what makes a great piece of clothing

  • JC

    A brand built around a tumblr hype kid with air max’s, AA hoodies and shaven sides who just loves some hardcore, is a recurring problem and never works.
    when will people realise that modest, clean, original attention to detail and quality is what makes any brand and these ‘tumblr’ brands such as; DN, Monroe, SABBC, Garmz, Whyme? ETC who constantly remake the same shit from the same suppliers really ruin all that is streetwear and i hope it ends soon.
    whos with me?

  • http://www.thediggersltd.co.uk Chris Airplays

    I agree that everyone has a right to voice an opinion. Sometimes though it might be better if you thought about how you go about this. Are people likely to even take minute hints about what’s wrong with their work if you’re describing it as ‘maths book doodling”? I’m sure that everyone if they bother to think about it can provide something constructive to say.

  • Allpraisedue

    I haven’t read all the comments but this is played out design jacking. Quality looks poor nothing else to say. People are honest on this Site not always constructive but still honest.

  • hpl

    I think a lot of it comes down to the motive behind starting a brand. It seems to me that a lot of brands (such as DN) have been started for, in the purist’s view, the wrong reasons. Under no circumstances am I saying that only fashion students has the creative eye and know-how to start a brand, but I think we all agree on the saturation of mediocre t-shirt print ‘brands’ there are out there. Fair play to the guy(s) behind DN for pushing past printed tees and jumpers in their collections, but it feels like 5 panels are the safe option; and one which bears little creative or artistic merit. In my opinion, a lot of kids pick up tees and 5 panels from these brands because they are a cheaper alternative to what’s already available. Listen, DN, INDCSN all showcase average 5 panels which offer little to differentiate from bigger, more established brands such as Norse and even Supreme. I think we owe some kudos to the iPhone cases though, a fairly underused idea done in a clean and professional way.
    Perhaps it’s become this formulaic because that’s where the demand lies. Bring out some print tees, a couple of basic 5 panels, a jumper or two and you’ll generate enough cash for a couple of nights out and a next collection. The question is, is that why you started the brand in the first place?
    I don’t know the guy but Kyle from Enclave seems to know what’s up, he had an idea of bridging streetwear and menswear in clean and simple collections, putting ideas at the forefront.
    In my opinion it comes down to this: DN and brands like it look and feel far too much like merch and I don’t want to buy into it.

  • Craig

    If those five panels for example were made in Wales, of noticeably good quality, I feel the appeal would reach the older (wiser) consumer who is more likely to return to a brand, rather than the consumer who will buy one t-shirt because it looks cool then maybe another a year later if it pops up on ASOS etc.

    As it stands, i’d say everything is a bit too late to the party. Cement print keeps coming back, but because Supreme stuck it on Dunks a few years back..if you use that print you’ll be associated with copying Supreme rather than paying homage to Jordan 3’s.

    Make a solid quality, staple line and you could end up like Norse Projects.