indcsn Spring 2012 collection

Today British brand indcsn hit us with the first part of their Spring collection, which I’ve been heavily anticipating since initial previews started to appear on tumblr and instagram earlier this year. I’ve long been an advocate of what indcsn do, and their new collection hasn’t let me down.

The first delivery consists mainly of T-shirts, snapbacks, and the brand’s much admired 5 panel caps. The three woolen Team camp caps, with floral cotton peaks have gotten most of the attention so far, but I’m personally more intrigued by the water resistant, duck cotton make-ups in tan and navy. The 5 panels are joined by three two-tone snapbacks, each featuring a different artwork, based on original tattoo flash by Sam Layzell, on the front..

As for clothing, there are four tee designs and a black coaches jacket. The black Gentleman’s Standard tee features a monogram design on the chest pocket and screen-print on the back, matching the design of the coaches jacket, while the other three tees feature large chest prints, including The Clash referencing ‘City Rockers’, and the political themed ‘A Little Knowledge’ tee. I think these are some of the strongest indcsn designs to date, with the brand clearly starting to carve their own, individual graphic identity.

The collection is finished off with a handful of accessories, including a lighter and sticker pack. Over all, I’m pretty impressed by how it’s all turned out – indcsn are really starting to look like a brand that can and will compete outside of the ‘UK streetwear’ market, and the cut & sew portion of the line which is set to follow shortly will only strengthen that. The collection, which you can view in full below, is available online from indcsn now, and from select stockists including The Chimp Store, Fat Buddha, and Urban Industry.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • jonathon

    The floral hats are great especially the first one.
    The graphics on the tees are dates,plain and quite dull.
    The coach jackets are quite nice but ive seen a recent drop from skull and bones boys club which seemed a better fit. And had the zip out hood unlike these.

  • Boyce

    Collection come out great, love the prowl piece.


    Yes! Clean.

  • JOE PS

    5 panels are tight! what do the backs look like?

  • d püré

    Everythings cool but the designs for the tee’s are what is setting this brand apart from others in the uk, only ones who are trying something different with them at the moment.

  • Mikey

    Naaaa, the t shirts are tight! the black and white one is so sick FAR better than the peice of shit that is supreme’s spring collection of tee’s…

  • Alan

    love this drop. felt that the last drop was a bit uninspiring, particularly in the graphics department, but i’m loving this. great level of visual maturity and the headwear as always looks bang on.

  • dm

    Unlike many other brands I’ve seen on this website and elsewhere in recent months, indcsn seem to have built a reputation on their caps but actively used this to go on to produce a more diverse and interesting range of products, from the hoodies & t-shirts to the Chimp collaborations, cashmere beanies and so on. I respect Josh and the indcsn crew for this; it shows an understanding of the current trends but also a drive to progress with their brand.

    I wasn’t as wowed with some of the designs this time around, but the wolf logo is really striking and very iconic. Likewise, the Sam Layzell snapbacks are a great concept that are very well executed. There’s no doubt that the brand is going places, and I’m gonna enjoy reading about them more in the future, it’s gonna be a good year for them.

  • Scott

    Always improving. Bought the black floral 5 panel yesterday. The jacket is equally as nice. Thumbs up to everyone at Indcsn again.

  • M

    Floral caps are so tight.


    real dope. did not care for anything previously from indscn but these dudes have got they shit together