Syndicate Spring/Summer Drop

Ukrainian brand Syndicate have dropped their latest collection at Angry Daves, featuring some wicked 5 panels as well as a grey and camo crewneck sweat.

I’m not familiar with the brand at all, but this drop shows a great deal of promise, particularly as all of the cuts are handmade. The three 5 panels are interesting, and whilst the camo one isn’t particularly inspired, both the ‘Aztec’ and ‘Birds’ caps are great and come at a reasonable price of £35 to boot – though comparisons are easily drawn to plenty caps from other brands we’ve seen before. There seems to be a recurring trend of applying garish quasi-vintage shirt prints to 5 panels and snapbacks as of late – I’m not complaining, as I think it’s rather interesting, even if fairly odd.

All of the pieces shown here are available from Angry Daves now.


Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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  • The Engineer

    These are shit.

  • Billy Boy

    I’ve got few of these caps. These is cool stuff. They have a cool t-shirts in the web store!

  • rob

    5 panels made from obscure material has been done to death and not enough emerging brands are focussing on the quality, they want a quick sale, so produce crappy aztec print 5 panels at a poor quality.
    Still you have to break into the market somehow, and if they use this as their stepping stone and go on to prove themselves then why not. Not sure the camo patches sit well on that crewneck either.
    I’ll look forward to seeing what else this brand can produce, and shouts to Angry Daves, top store always giving the new kids on the block a chance.

  • M

    Feeling that sweater but don’t think it’s worth 55 quid.

  • dm

    It’s cool to hear about a brand from as far afield as Ukraine stepping in to the game, and I like the name and labels. The patterned cap concept has been done countless times, so the caps are only really as good as the fabric used, but the crewneck looks interesting and seems to have had some thought put in. Not for me but shouts to them.

  • ETC.

    Ukraine is large provincial country. It is hard to produce something of high quality and guys made a lot of work. Even if something is not coming out perfectly, Syndicate is very interesting project.

  • Geoff

    Seems like a missed opportunity. It’s a Ukranian company – a country and an area with its own rich heritage of textiles and patterns yet they go for a generic aztec and random bird pattern. Much respect for them doing this from their home country but how about a little more local influence next time?

  • Scott

    I personally like the sweater. I have been keeping an eye on their facebook recently too and i believe there is more than these 2 caps being released. Some more wool/chambray ideas on the next few. Maybe something more heads will be feeling.