Whyme London SS12 T-shirt Drop

London based Whyme extend their Spring collection with a range of 6 T-shirts, including 4 pocket tees and two allover print designs, in camo and tie-dye.

Each of the 6 tees are pretty simple in their own right. The multi-colour tie-dye shirt would be my pick, with just a small woven label branding the front, and a ‘throw up’ style piece on the reverse, while the camo tee is your standard surplus-style shirt with the brand’s tag logo in white on the chest. Each is decent (‘though similar to the pairing that Dope Chef just dropped), but unfortunately the brand are likely to lose points for the camo and floral print pocket tees. Had they dropped a year or two back, they’d likely have gone down a storm, but we’ve seen this sort of thing far too many times now, and it doesn’t really get any more interesting.

All styles pictured here are available from Team Whyme now. You can check out the brand’s Spring video here.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Scott

    I dig the button up. I believe all the standard pocket t-shirts are all over-played now. Unless it’s executed differently, i think they would appeal to me more. Never the less, i am sure they’ll fly out.

  • Ed

    Button up is rad.

  • Alex

    Button up is horrific. Charity shop shit for non charity shop prices.

    They are SO, SO late to the party for everything. Tie Dye. Camo. Floral pocket tees Terrible, seriously, not thought out, could be anyone doing this, if anyone else did then no one would notice or bother, apart from hype beasts on tumblr.

    asking easy to sell stuff is nice and all but you either step your shit up and make it better then everything out there or don’t waste everyones time.

    This shouldn’t be featured purely for lack of imagination.

  • http://www.teamwhyme.co.uk Whyme? London

    @Alex ” Charity shop shit ”. No, just no. I can assure you our corduroy shirt is a very well manufactured product and people who have purchased one has said so them selves Everyone at Whyme? had picked up on this years summer trends back in December 11. Its not hard to research But it is hard to release some of the ideas we would have liked todo with only a certain amount of funds. As a growing independent brand this release is right for the stage we’re at, But hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Hopefully you wont have the same thoughts this time next year, every label needs time to grow and every drop since aw12 we have moved a step further.


  • http://www.teamwhyme.co.uk Whyme? London


  • Alex

    I mean the look fool. Curduroy looks good in two places. On the peaks of hats and in the bin. So I’m sure the quality is fantastic but the material is just nasty, PERSONALLY.

    I have run my ow shit as part of a little experiment and budget was tight but we made stuff that was out there and different, shit sold out, 3 times over. It’s all about what you have to give. If you give the same as everyone else then why would they bother with you? Purely because they’re a friend or because they haven’t seen the other competition?

    My problem with the shirt is it’s not my thing, however I commend you for making something different to what alot of others are selling. It just feels like you could just chuck a floral 5 panel in there and it would just be like EVERY. OTHER. UK. DROP at the moment. I know budget is a problem but you have to make an identity. You know that. If you don’t you wont float.


    I support what your doing it would be awesome to see you step it up and I admire the fact you have the balls to give your opinion back and can take it on the chin. Few people can nowadays so for that I have more respect for you. I really look forward to it.

  • Doc

    Dope!!! I need that shirt man!

  • dm

    “Curduroy looks good in two places. On the peaks of hats and in the bin.”

    I stopped reading after this.

  • joshua

    I’m normally really against negative commenting, especially when anonymous, and I believe everyone should just let people do what they do & not spread negative stuff, but seriously I have to wholeheartedly agree with Alex on this one,
    brands making stuff like this is an absolute copout, making boring, uninventive product just to sell too 14 year olds on tumblr & friends who would wear whatever you made is NOT a good look, and there’s no longevity in a brand like that.

    I understand your budgets are tight but listen, everyones budgets are tight,
    look at the wave Palace made with well executed Tees & crewnecks, other brands like Broken Teeth, Stray Rats, Only NY, & Death Precision have also done similarly as well because of strong, simple, original & well executed graphics.
    Now I’m not saying these brands are gospel, but they’re young labels in their first few years of production & I believe everyone should take note that unless your clothing is to that level then people aren’t going to like it.

    It’s not about how much money you have it’s about what you do with what you have,
    and it’s not about the original idea but how you execute it, tie dye / camo can still be used well to create nice pieces, but use your fucking head, a tie dye pattern in the inner lining, a camo elbow patch. Put your head into it & try to think of something different, or else everything blends into the same shite.

    Keep it up, take on these comments, develop, grow & try to switch it up.

  • James

    cord button up is dope as hell

  • dm

    Following on from what other people have said, this stuff is not amazing at all. Camo tee was done in a very similar style by Dope Chef very recently, aside from the fact that Camo is getting done to death harder than Leopard was getting rinsed last year. Patterned pocket tees are just dull and predictable now, they really need a unique twist to make them stand out. Victate London did a pair of Liberty pocket tees last year with a special V Monogram lining in the pocket and a unique zig-zag stitching on the pocket that really made it pop. That’s the kind of stuff that makes you think “interesting variation on a typical theme”, whereas Haven/Reigning Champ already did the camo pocket tees as well as countless other brands, so you can’t expect anybody to want to buy your version of the product over the more experienced and respected labels.

    The cord shirt gets props for being innovative and interesting. I like the styling and you’ve made your product look great, but that doesn’t mean it looks different or unique.

  • dm

    As a matter of fact, the camo t-shirt is exactly the same as the Dope Chef one.

  • jaz

    @Alex. What is you “own shit” that sold out 3 times over, would love to see it ??



  • HighC

    That shirt looks CHEAP!!!!!

    As for the rest, theyve basically pulled in all the camo, floral/paisley and dip dye ting and tried to cover all bases…it doesnt work like that!

    WHYME?..a brand on its ass scrapping the carpet to satisfy themselves and run a ‘brand’

  • http://www.twitter.com/dailydularge derty9000

    buy a shirt tie dye it yourself… would cost about £8 with the shirt included… this looks cheap… don’t know the history of the brand, but if this is their first drop ‘ok’ you can have your excuses but if it’s not, poorly done.

  • A

    ditto what jaz said.
    sold out 3 times over sounds pretty successful to me, considering there are brands out there with old stock from 2 years ago unsold.
    post some links to the stuff, would be nice to see.

  • Alex

    haha, was an old project and I’ll have to rattle through the archives of my design work but will see if I can find and will upload find a way of showing. Maybe one day I’ll bring it back, who knows, ha.

  • Scott

    Would LOVE to see what you have done Alex. Why is it back in the archives of design work you’ve done previously if it’s sold 3 times over. It smells like billy bullshit to me son.