Converse “Fix To Ride” at Kennington Bowls

Last week saw the reopening of Kennigton Bowls after Converse Skateboarding stepped in to give the skate park a new surface, as well as adding some new bits with the help of California Skateparks.

Kennigton Bowls has played a crucial part in the UK scene, being one of London’s oldest skateparks. Opened as a skatepark area back in 1978, the park has been carved by hundreds of local and visiting riders all leaving a trail of wear and tear behind them. Converse, with the help of world famous California Skateparks, gave the park a new surface as well as some modern obstacles, bringing the park bang up-to-date and making the bowls a better skate than ever. California Skateparks are mostly known for their skate plazas and the Street League Parks, this build is some what moment one for the company as this is their first ever UK build.

To celebrate the new look park, Converse hosted a Shop Comp, bringing together some of the countries finest skate shops, including Bristols Fifty Fifty, Southsea’s Bored, Bournemouth’s Consortium and Manchester’s Note shop to name just a few. MPORA were present to shoot the above video, catching each stores riders testing out the bowls and showing just how well the new park skates. Congratulations to Rollersnakes for winning!

Kennigton Bowls is open to skate now, so if you are a keen skateboarder go and check out the new surface as soon as you can. By the looks of the above video it looks well worth a trip. For more on this project head over to Slam City Skates and check out their in depth interview with Bill Minadeo, Vice President of California Skateparks.


Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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