Dark Nature Clothing SS12 Part 2

Dark Nature return with the second part of their SS12 collection, building on what we saw last month with a T-shirt, pullover hood, two nylon windbreakers and two more 5 panel caps.

Dark Nature have copped more than a little heat for their output recently, and although there has been some constructive criticism, I don’t think they deserve a lot of the bad press. This is a decent release from the brand, and it will no doubt be a welcome sight for current fans, though it’s not likely to appease any of their current detractors. The maroon pullover hood is strong, with the addition of a small yellow logo hit on the sleeve, but it’s T-shirt counterpart is a little too bright for me. Dark Nature do have to be careful of over-using their triangle motif though, and I’d like to see something a little more adventurous next time around.

With the windbreakers I’m 50/50 – they could be a really nice addition, but these images are in danger of making them look a little ‘cheap’. Finally, two polka dot 5 panels complete the collection, in a similar fashion to those from the previous drop with the ‘Southern Division Produce’ woven label on the front. Get a closer look at the product below, and if you want to pick anything up, the collection is available now from Dark Nature Clothing.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • dm

    An improvement in certain areas; the yellow/maroon combo is a really tastefully done choice of colour and the windbreakers look promising if a little basic. As the author said, unlikely to win new fans but certainly a bit more calculated. Hope to see some fresh new designs in the future.

  • SmellYaLater

    Why is the print on the navy windbreaker higher than the red jacket..and the red jacket is off centre lol
    The jackets are pretty cheap, not much effort gone into creating a quality piece.

    Going against trend i don’t whether thats a good or bad thing.
    Either they just printed stuff without bothering to research or didn’t wanna follow trend..

    Who knows.

  • Tom

    Is the red winbreaker’s back print off centre or is it just me?

  • JM

    Don’t know why TDS even posts stuff like this. Boring same old motifs have been churned out every drop and you can tell from the images that all the products are low quality. Windbreakers look especially rubbish.

  • DMND

    nice drop!

  • Kritic

    Clear improvements with presentation

  • dm

    On second inspection prints definitely look all over the place.

  • Alex

    Wind Breakers should just go, they’re cheap and fairly horrible looking if not done right. One thing I do like about this drop is that it feels cleaner and the polka dot 5 panels are really nice, was tempted to pick one up, which I would of if I actually liked the fit of 5 panels.

    Better than the drop before, right direction, just needs more personality.

  • Alex

    but yeah, just noticed as DM has, the red jacket print is terrible. All over the place, off centre. Not sure who you guys to print, wether Merch Asylum or on e of those guys but you need to tell them to take more time making sure it all matches.

  • RuthlessDoofus

    The problem with this big logo thing is that it puts more focus onto the production and quality of the product and some of these prints are looking a bit sketchy. And is it me or are some of the lines in the Triangle designs fill a bit off?

  • Lloyd

    I picked up one of the hoodies from Scott the other day when I was giving him a hand at a show. It is straight up the comfiest hoody I own. I’ll stand by what I’ve always said, when all the critics get off their asses and put the work in Scott has, in every aspect of the brand, then you can pipe up with your opinion. This brand will have my full backing until I”m to decrepit to wear clothes.

  • Alex

    but the hoody is a stock hoody, genuinely because of the size of those fuckers they are damn comfy.

    Also someone having worked in the industry has as much right to voice an opinion as someone who hasn’t. I have, but I don’t look down on somebodies opinion when they talk about the same world. Most people educate themselves enough so that even if they haven’t created they still know the market and the products available to them.

    You have to now with the amount of brands printing on Gildan or FOTL and fobbing it off as cut and sew or custom in some way.

  • dm

    Comfy Hoodie does not a good brand make, nor would I classify any of this stuff as ‘hard work’. It’s a 50/50 poly-cotton hoodie with a print on, selling for £25. I’m telling you now, it isn’t a good product. I’d give it 3 washes max before it starts to pill and feel like complete shit. As said over and over before, printing a bunch of triangles onto some increasingly basic products is not the right way to do things.

  • Scott

    I dont normally comment on my own stuff, but i would just like to apologise / point out the red wind cheater is slightly lower down the back of the jacket than the black. This was an accident from our printers, which was not noticed until after we did the shoot. At the time of the shoot, these were used as our samples, the rest of the stock was still in production and we could not alter it. However i can confirm after a thorough check over the rest of the stock, all the sizing and positioning is aligned properly. Again this was a mistake during the sample process.
    Thanks again for the kind, not so kind or any of the in between opinions. All are very appreciated, and again a massive thanks to Adam and those behind The Daily Street for reviewing us again, it’s hugely appreciated.

  • Tommy

    I wonder if the five panel are a PREMIER FITS Job? They look like some quality pieces anyway, but coming in at 20 quid a hat suggests not made in the USA?

  • 420mansion

    Thanks for the helpful addition to discussion Lloyd… I’ll stand by what I’ve always said, when all the critics get off their asses and put the work in that TDS has, in every aspect of the comments, then you can pipe up with your opinion.

    But really, this drop is crud. The hats are supreme ripoffs and the remainer either looks uninspired (triangles fuckin everywhere) or cheap. I can only see recent streetwear “hopovers” wearing this crap, no one with an eye for quality would go near it.


    hate to say this… but i think this brand has gone backwards since the last drop. if the shit is selling then they need to spend their paper on better quality garments and bring something to the design aspect, the aesthetic started slick but has turn pretty boring after like, 1 year now?

  • http://illography.tumblr.com gully

    yo, those clothes don’t even look ironed in the photoshoot.

  • Alex

    I would say that the caps, although may be a Supreme rip are alright, they look quality. Price wise they’re not too bad.

    What I would say to Scott is be meticulous with product quality. Send it back to suppliers and get it redone if it doesn’t match. They’ll never mind if it’s an error on their half.

    Overall though, I would say, Scott, you’re stuff is stocked in a few places and has a following, now is the time to take a risk, quit all the safe stuff you’re pulling at the moment, 3 drops of safe bets is fine, you have to play it a little safe sometimes, just make number 4 all about content and quality. Not saying have everything cut and sew but just find better suppliers and make better content.

    Play more on the South Division tag you have, make something, make an identity of being from south wales, build it up and do something really nice with it, add more personality and yeah, just take a risk. People will buy it regardless so just get it done and make products which make us lot feel excited about UK street wear again.

  • http://www.verbalspicks.com VP

    Personally I really like the Hats, ‘Supreme’ rip off or not I don’t really care. I would like DN to get away from using their Logo as the centre/focal point of their products and make actual “designs”. The reason I like the hats is because of the design of them and because their isn’t a big logo I’m supposed to appreciate whilst its put on a stock product with no “DESIGN”.

  • M1234

    Hats are a supreme rip-off and windbreakers look ill-fitting and cheap.

  • http://illography.tumblr.com gully

    ^^ Alex nailed it