Enclave Apparel Summer ’12 ‘Same As Always’ Lookbook

Today we get a look at the visuals behind the superb Summer collection from the UK’s Enclave Apparel, titled ‘Same As Always’. Shot in a studio environment, the lookbook plays with the brand’s themes of noise, distortion and geometry whilst giving us a clean look at the whole collection.

Although it might be a lot to take in, I’ve included the full size images below, because I think this one is really worth seeing in all it’s glory. Enclave present a rather unorthodox take on the ‘lookbook’, shot by Luke J Wright, and it works perfectly, with the unusual props adding interest but not taking away from the visual impact of the shoot. The Same As Always collection sees Enclave take another step forward, including (alongside a healthy range of T-shirts) two button-up shirts, three pairs of shorts, and a duffel bag. The collection utilises camouglage and paisley patterns, the range of which can be found on the turn ups of each of the three pairs of Soleil Shorts – the olive/flecktarn standing out for me. The blue and grey chambray shirts, with contrasting shoulder yolk look great too, and I’m looking forward to getting a closer look.

With their tees, Enclave continue to stamp their own graphic identity, with clean and simple designs influenced by their unique inspirations. Stylistically they sit alongside those from PAM and Wood Wood, and I can see myself picking up the front/back print Column shirt, which is a great example. As for the collection’s title, it plays with the idea of originality, perhaps a little with the Jim Jarmusch quote “Nothing is original, steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination”, and is maybe even a slight dig at fellow UK brands… but we’ll leave that decision up to you.

Check out the full lookbook below, and head to Enclave Apparel now to make your purchases.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Rich

    ‘kin ell, thats what you call stepping it up

  • http://fatkidonfire.com FKOF

    Kyle and co killing it always. Not sure there are many other UK brands who can touch Enclave at the moment

  • Jordan

    All three shorts look quality

  • http://www.iamdooom.com DOOOM

    Yes! Great stuff.

  • joshua

    Congrats to enclave, working hard to break the mould.

  • http://www.ashdownworkshop.co.uk Sean

    A coherent and well designed collection. Always nice to see people doing something a little different to a lot of other brands out there.

  • James T

    Great stuff! Refreshing to see

  • Alex

    Tees look really really nice.

    Not keen on the shorts, camo is done to all hell and would of been nicer to of maybe used something more creative with the same effect.

    Otherwise, nice.

  • DP

    Enclave just raised the bar.

  • George

    Any UK brand looking to make a mark and not just be a follower, take note.

    Lovely collection.

  • Ross

    Strong launch, Enclave is going from strength to strength.

  • King

    there isn’t anything new about this …..

    one brand ….http://www.hixsept.com/home/

  • Hamilton

    Unless clothing companies have mad funding in the beginning how d you expect them to follow this? brands need time to develop and grow, which enclave have done from just bringing simpler drops out.

  • HighC

    Still consistently killing it!

  • James

    Does look very similar to Hixsept

  • King

    I would consider Killing it as gradually coming out with your own repertoire not instantly taking someone else’s
    ideas and playing it around so that the market becomes saturated with the same shit….

    this is why you get brands looking like other brands….its a whole pyramid system.

    The innovators come out with new ideas & the Copycats will always be left behind in the dust

    but i do appreciate that they are trying with a limited budget.

  • Hamilton

    @ king, Well said.


    Hixsept comparision isn’t necessary at all. If you look at it like this EVERYTHING has be done. It’s not because they use a similair texture to postprocess the lookbook that they are the same brand. Check yourself.

    Brands shouldn’t always be compared because in one way or another, everything has been done.
    As for Enclave, young brand doing it big. Trying something different from the main trends and one step ahead. Ambition can be seen and every piece is quality in it’s own way. Your style or not, can’t deny that everything looks solid. Also good to see brands use geometry in a very different way from what we usually see. Nothing but love.

  • Jonathon

    How can you say a brand is not new because of how there lookbook is shot ? Yes Hixsept has a sheet on the like this lookbook but you cant judge the clothing from that. Love this collection well done kyle

  • M1234

    Damn this is a nice drop, didn’t expect this at all.

  • 123oner

    Davy Edge I think you’re wrong to say that the Hixsept comparison isn’t valid. I would agree that ‘most’ branding concepts/design ideas have been done before and i’m not saying I don’t like what Enclave are doing here, looks like a tidy collection but as you said we can’t deny everything looks solid, you cannot deny that the lookbook idea/feel is derived from Hixsept-it’s too close not to be.

  • B

    out to enclave, but as james says, reminds me a lot of hixsept.


    dammn these button up’s are ill