Grind London ‘Hot Like Toast’ Summer Collection

Grind London have stepped their game up a gear with this new ‘Hot Like Toast’ collection, featuring some great garments tailored for a British summer.

The drop takes inspiration from the erratic British climate, offering button down & short sleeved shirts, and printed tees as well as Japanese denim shorts. In the past Grind have only offered us smaller capsule drops, this marks their first complete collection with a varied garment selection.

This is one of my favourite drops of this year, with the Hawaiian cut Paisley shirt and the English Rose button-ups being my top picks. The prints are superb, particularly the paisley shirt, offering something a little different to the floral vibe that’s dominating our scene at the moment.

In addition to these, the denim shorts are excellent, particularly the red colourway, though unfortunately with the weather we’ve been given lately it’s not boding well for too much sun this ‘summer’. When we do though, elastic waisted shorts are perfect for those BBQ’s where you over do it a little on the onions.

While the collection shows vast growth from their prior capsules, the printed tees still hark back to the roots of Grind. My favourite pick out of the tees has to be the ‘187’ print, featuring 70s Power Rangers and their enemies.

My one qualm with the collection is the lack of some outerwear, given that the brand is trying to please the masses for the British summer, a light waterproof would’ve topped this collection off perfectly.

The whole collection is available now from Grind London. Check it out below.




Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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  • M1234

    Really feeling these.

  • Rich

    Never thought too much of Grind but this release is dope, need a couple of these pieces. A+!

  • James

    Really nice set of clothes, I’d even go as far as saying this is better than the recent Indcsn and Enclave releases

  • terry123tibbs

    Hot Like Toast
    Smell Like Fish
    Wet Like Flannel…..

    OK shorts doe

  • Sold Out Shit

    Daisy Shirt is smart

  • rob

    those burgundy drawstring shorts are a must!

  • dm

    There’s nothing wrong with this collection, and the ideas are all solid and developed enough. The 187 tee is really nice and the fabrics used for the shorts look dope. On the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of direction. I like how the products look but there’s nothing screaming for attention.

    For the price, they’re not bad pieces, however, and I reckon this stuff will do well. Nice to see so many UK labels starting to step into constructed garments, and the designs being put forward so far are really promising.

    On another weirder note, there was that whole thing a few years back between Minor Threat and Nike SB after they used the Ian on Steps photo and MT logo for a campaign, and while it’s a far cry from Grind’s output, it kind of highlighted the band’s “hop off my dick” mentality as far as image use was concerned. I’m a bit ish about the Sunshines tee as a result. The prints look solid though.

  • Scott

    For a brand i’ve never paid much attention about in the past, this collection is spot on.

  • Doc

    congratulations to grind london for this collection. seriously dope pieces.

  • fiyahbun

    orange/red shorts at the bottom look very nice

  • AudioBully

    Feeling the 187 tee

  • allpraisedue

    Guys trying super hard and i respect that alot. Never felt there stuff but they get props for this collection.