Lazy Oaf Batman Collection


Lazy Oaf have managed to license the original Batman logos to create this all-out fanboy and fangirl capsule collection.

Inspired by the golden youth of DC Comics’ Batman, this collection celebrates the era when Batman was a lot less cool and ran around wearing lycra and screaming “To the bat cave!”. An era when huge words like “POW!” or “FWAP!” would appear whenever someone got slapped. Those were the days. Back to the collection (getting a little distracted there).

Here we see Lazy Oaf take some of the iconic Batman imagery and apply it to some of their classic styles. As per usual, but maybe even slightly more so in this case, the collection seems to work better for the girls than the guys. It’s a shame really. However, there are some key items in the Men’s collection that do shine through and rescue it, mainly the printed short sleeved shirts. The 90s theme that’s in fashion at the moment is something that Lazy Oaf do incredibly well, especially in the Women’s department. I wish the Men’s part of this collection was a bit more bold in this stylistic direction though.

We’re told that this collection is to celebrate the launch of The Dark Knight Rises, but I think we all know that deep down it’s to celebrate how rad the old Batman TV shows were. Dropping on Friday 13th July in-store and online at Lazy Oaf, this is a great step forward for the brand as a whole.

Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-02 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-03 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-04 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-05 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-06 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-07 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-08 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-09 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-10 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-11 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-12 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-13 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-14 Lazy-Oaf-Batman-Collection-Lookbook-15

Alex Synamatix

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  • M

    Fucking cool and fair play for managing to license the logos, great work by them.

  • Baitreseller

    This is crap! Theres only 1 or 2 things that are OK- the white tee and the fangirls cape thing.

  • Sold Out Shit

    Nice shirts

  • Kane Stebbings

    I swear my brother had a couple of t-shirts like this he got from New Look or Topshop when he was about thirteen!

  • George

    There’s a new Batman film coming out 2.

  • Narna

    Love lazy oaf…..