NVMBR SS12 Products

Bristol brand NVMBR kick off their SS12 collection with two new products – a pocket tee and a burgundy 5 panel cap.

The drop presents nothing particularly original, with a focus on two of streetwear’s dominant cliches from the past 12 months – pocket tees and camp caps. Both look to be well made though, and a decent extension of the product that the brand currently offers. Both are available from NVMBR now. Check them out in more detail below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Kritic

    confused to why this is featured? :s

  • http://illography.tumblr.com gully

    how is this pronounced?

  • Cal

    I cant keep up with all these brands releasing pocket tees and five panels!

  • Alex

    ‘Nothing really original’.

    Well then why post it. Pointless

  • Ash

    ease off guys, it’s good for a new brand to get some exposure, its how they act on this new exposure we critique. I wish them all the best, Hope for some sick garms from these guys

  • BrianBlessed

    Seen that a million times before. If your going to bother starting a clothing brand try something remotely original…
    Played out dull waste of time

  • Alex


    it’s good for a new brand to get coverage if they’re doing something note worthy. If they’re doing the same shit then why should this get coverage over every other fucker doing it?

    Fact of the matter is that this site should be difficult to get onto as a new comer to the market, unless you’re doing something really special.

    This is neither unique, nor is it special, so why is it here? Because they’re a newbie? As are some other shite on Big Cartel but they don’t get highlighted.

  • James T

    I like how the two pieces don’t even work together particularly well. That blue on burgandy, ouch.

  • dm

    Straight out of Bristol.

  • dm

    Store features a t-shirt that says “WOB WOB WOB”

    Goodnight everybody!

  • P


  • rob

    c’mon bristol. you’re better than this

  • M1234


  • Jp

    My mate from uni runs this brand, yeah it’s not original but he’s worked his ass of to produce these at the quality they are on the budget he has. Most small company’s are still just printing on Gildan blanks and shit, he’s actually tried to bring the quality up. And that wob wob tee, even he hates it. One of his mates wanted to produce some tees and that was what the guy wanted and paid for himself, it’s on his website just to help his mate out. We rinsed him at first about it aswell.

    There’s no need to hate on someone who is just trying to do something he enjoys.

  • a

    is the brand called november?

  • dm

    Next person to use the “how can you hate on someone” blah blah excuse automatically loses.

  • DMND

    pocket tees and five panels are starting to piss me off, please bring us a uk brand thats a little different!

  • Ross

    That’s all we need, another pocket tee brand…

  • Rich

    not worth getting upset over

  • D-Money

    JP, You sound like a hypocrite son…

    You’ve just rinsed your mates, mates shirt and then you have the cheek to write

    “There’s no need to hate on someone who is just trying to do something he enjoys.”

    Maybe that mother fucker enjoyed designing that shirt? (mates mate)

    Anyways, its all pretty low-end.

  • jrm

    C’mon son! Raise the levels!

  • Alex

    Good thing about this shit is it makes me want to get back into Tee design and back into bringing out something decent to the UK