Real McCoy’s Frogskin Army Bucket Hat

Real McCoy’s come correct with this frogskin camo bucket hat.

Bucket hats have had a very welcome come back recently, as well as camo, so it’s no surprise to see the two combined. Luckily, it’s not something that’s spread like a rash and they are few and far between, the last one that we saw being the Barbour waxed camo bucket hat.

This bucket hat is made from cotton herringbone twill and features taped seams on this inside for added durability. The lighter camo on the inside of the hat is a real touch, but it’s all about the US Military frog skin camo on the outside (used in Vietnam). Made in Japan, this hat is going to age really weel and the military cotton starts to take a beating.

Unfortunately this is not a cheap product, and weighs in at a pricey £115. However, if you have that money to drop on a hat, head over to Superdenim to pick up one of these.

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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    While I appreciate the obvious attention to detail and craftmanship….

    it still begs the question….over a ton for a bucket hat?

    The thing is a lot of the camo/military stuff flying about these days has a ridiculous mark up on the retail price.

    I guarantee a bit of thorough searching online in the right places like army surplus stores or military grade clothes stockists and you can find pretty much equal looking garments, for easily less than half what your paying in instances like this… and still have a product that in a lot of cases is better made and lasts longer.

    Shop wisely people

  • Commove London

    Fashion kills…

  • dm

    @Real Talk, Real McCoy’s is a brand that is completely uncomparable to many other brands out their due to their production methods, attention to detail and faithful reproduction of classic military and vintage American garments. Their M65 replica recently got remodelled with the custom cotton/nylon blend material being adjusted to make it even more faithful to the original garment upon which is based.

    You’re not paying £100 for a £50 hat with a brand name. You\re paying £100 for £100 worth of hat.

  • cal

    A brand can say they make premium goods to high standards and then price the garment highly. The funny thing is its not always the case ive had garments from very respected (newish) brands only to be let down by there craftsmanship when ive worn them. REALTALK is actually making sense when he says “shop wisely”.

    I have no experience with “The real mccoys” so i can not talk about there quality. All im saying is that a brand can say what they like about there products its not until the end user actually uses the product can they actually define whether garment is made to said quality.

    Ive seen topman make better products than some brands that call themselves “premium”. Choose a brand wisely.

  • dm

    I completely agree with you, that’s one of the most challenging things about buying. But I personally would really recommend reading up on The Real McCoys and Joe McCoys because theyve got a fascinating background to start but their brand, methods and ethos should be a benchmark for quality production.

  • CH

    Real McCoys is a Benchmark for quality production- but i have to mostly agree with the comments regarding the Military Gear.
    I have been buying and selling vintage and Military surplus for 15 years and its very easy to pick up an Un-issued pair of 1970’s or even late 60’s Vietnam-era M65 jacket or trousers for a fraction of the price these are advertised for.
    Frogskin camo is another matter- an original pair of P44 trousers or a camo hat could set you back 400 quid and also be 60 years old.
    The same goes for the N1 Deck jackets- the repro’s are better- an original will be well-worn and most likely in bad condition. Part of the problem with the price is down to strength of the japanese Yen- costs have risen by 25% for japanese imports since 2010.

    I have seen both the Buzz rickson and Mccoy’s M65’s and even while they are a quality jacket- they dont really come close to the originals.
    However i do rate McCoys other products highly- i own more than a few myself.