Superior Labor Amber Glasses and Leather Case

With glasses becoming more and more the accessory I wish I could wear but can’t due to having damn near perfect vision, these pieces from Japan’s Superior Labor definitely caught my eye.

The first piece being a pair of glasses with some seriously clean lines, finished off with an ‘Amber’ effect. These have the old school charm whilst adopting the striped down modernism that is becoming ever more prevalent in todays market. The amber effect takes on a whole new life when you see the metal frame skeleton within, reminiscent of a prehistoric insect trapped inside an amber time capsule. The glasses come with a branded suede slide case and a lens cleaning cloth. It’s times like this where I can picture these with most of my wardrobe but don’t quite have it in me to wear glasses with clear lenses.

The second piece is a premium tan leather case,  branded inside with a stamp featuring the brands motto ‘The Superior Labor take pride in their craftsmanship and never skimp on time or effort’. Paired with clean stitching and a branded brass popper close which reminds me of the typography used in the 1930/40’s military era. All in all a pretty nice way to carry your eye wear year round.

You can pick up both pieces now from Super Denim’s sister site, Slowdownjoe. The glasses are going for £220 which is reasonable when looking at the price of glasses in any opticians and the case is £90 which i wouldn’t say is arguable in the slightest.

James Clothier

James is a freelance photographer. As well as being a talent behind the lens, James also has a passion for Menswear.

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