A look inside the Nike Hospitality Space


Last week saw the opening of the Nike Hospitality Space, a location in central London for select media and athletes to relax during the Olympic period.

Located in the prestigious BMA House on Tavistock Square, the Nike Hospitality Space is right in the thick of it. A huge and beautiful building with seemingly endless corridors, presentation rooms and stair wells, the BMA House is the perfect location for Nike to tuck their hospitality space. Decorated in typical Nike fashion with perfect lighting and a minimal, luxurious chic, the Nike Hospitality Space is a location for media and athletes to relax and check out the Nike product that will be put through it’s paces during the Olympics on specific athletes. There is also a Nike+ display where people can try out the new technological advances in Nike+.

Check out the displays below and take special notice of the Team USA Olympic Podium jacket with it’s reflective outer and camera flash display.

Nike-House-05 Nike-House-06 Nike-House-04 Nike-House-07 Nike-House-09 Nike-House-11 Nike-House-12 Nike-House-13 Nike-House-02 Nike-House-01

Alex Synamatix

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  • fiyahbun

    the nike gs looks beautiful

  • Karol Martin

    This is exclusive information and the pictures that you have posted from the Nike Hospitality space are unique. Thanks for sharing it.