adidas Consortium ZX 500 OG


adidas Consortium are bringing back the OG ZX 500 from it’s resting place in all it’s glory, hitting shelves this Saturday.

The ZX 500 is one of the best vintage running shoes ever designed. This particular OG colourway shows the shoe at its full potential. Earthy tones with just the right amount of bright red in the right places. That crucial mixture of mesh, suede and leather. The plastic Ghillie lacing system and the extended plastic reinforcement on the heel. This shoe has it all.

To say they were bringing it back in all it’s former glory wouldn’t be exactly true. The addition of the new adidas Consortium tongue tab is a new edition and dare I say it, works better than the original tab. Originally released in 1984, the ZX 500 was the first adidas shoe to be based on biomechanical research from the ETH Zurich on the three major things a runner needs from their shoe; cushion the heel at impact, support the foot during midstance and guide the foot when pushing off. Considering it was their first shoe designed with this in mind, they did a damn good job. The silhouette has gone on to more than stand the test of time and is still one of the best looking running shoes on foot (as shown at the bottom of this post).

This subtle colourway is sure to go unnoticed by most while walking by, but will break necks with those who have a more refined taste. Expect to see these hitting the digital shelves of End Clothing this Saturday morning at 00:01am BST.

adidas-Consortium-ZX-500-OG-02 adidas-Consortium-ZX-500-OG-03 adidas-Consortium-ZX-500-OG-04

Alex Synamatix

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