Carhartt AW12 Mens Lookbook


Take a look at this extensive lookbook from Carhartt for their new Autumn/Winter 2012 mens collection.

This is no small lookbook, but then Carhartt don’t exactly do small collections either. Shot by photographer Alexander Basile, the lookbook retains that analogue, DIY aesthetic that Carhartt have been playing with in their lookbooks over the last few collections. It’s a style that fits with the brand and the lifestyle of most of it’s loyal followers.

Streetwear basics is one of Carhartt’s strongest elements, right at the core of the brand, and this collection is no different. It’s hard to pick a specific area where they excel, with the outerwear, shirting, trousers and knitwear all being so strong. There’s a good variation of simple pieces and more stand-out pieces, and all are very accessible regardless.

Not many brands can claim to tread firmly in both the camps of the relaxed skater and the smart young man, but Carhartt are one of the few.

Head over to the Carhartt website or swing by one of their stores to see what new product from the collection is already available.

Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-01 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-02 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-03 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-04 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-05 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-06 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-07 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-08 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-09 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-10 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-11 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-12 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-13 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-14 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-15 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-16 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-17 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-18 Carhartt-AW12-Mens-Lookbook-19

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  • Matt.t

    Possibly the best brand for the last decade.

  • cal

    Carhartt never fail to impress. A sure fire way of getting in to street wear is with Carhartt!





  • George

    Trilly Ish

  • M

    Carhartt bossin the street wear as per.

  • M1234

    Simple and high quality, Carhartt do it right.

  • enk