Clarks x Harris Tweed Capsule Collection

Possibly two of Britain’s most iconic brands team up to combine what they both do best, producing quality and long lasting products. Harris Tweed switch some Clarks classics with some of their much loved tweeds.

The Clarks Desert Boot is possibly one of my favourite shoe styles, the shape and silhouette almost always looks great and the shoe has a great historic story behind it as well, so I welcome a new twist on the shoe. Although teaming up with Harris Tweed is some what played out and over done, I still like the marriage of these two brands, it makes sense. My only complaint is that what has been done here isn’t adventurous at all, the placement of tweed is obvious and expected and I was hoping for something more. Maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part as I know it’s not wise to mess with classic styles.

Shown here are three of the key men’s styles that have had the tweed treatment; the Desert Boot, Montacute Lord brogue boot and the Torbay Point sport style. The highlight as you might of already guessed is the Desert Boot with tweed being applied to the rear heel panel of the shoe, the normal placement for many collaborators who go to work on this style. It works well here and retains the classic look of the shoe, although I would of preferred a darker colour of tweed, but that’s down to personal taste. The brogue boots (Montacute Lord) come in brown and black, both staple colours of our favourite wing tipped footwear. The boots look good and would finish off a smarter look with ease. Finally, the Torbay Point’s in black with grey tweed material filling the mid of the shoe. The Torbay is from Clarks’ recent attempt at a more lifestyle collection, tapping into the more high street market.

Over all, this is a good release from the guys both at Clarks and Harris Tweed. I would like to see something a little unexpected next time, but these do the job and do it very well. All of the shoes are available from August at

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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  • rob

    Love the Desert Boots, especially the red ones they’ve done

  • mc

    great idea – complete quality failure. sole and upper seperated after 2 weeks