Debut: FucknFilthy FF2012/01 Lookbook


FucknFilthy come hard with an impressive lookbook that showcases their new collection, FF2012/01, ahead of it’s forthcoming release this week.

FucknFilthy is the brainchild of Dublin born and raised Joshua Gordon, now residing in Manchester. His creative skills have produced the photography behind this stunning lookbook as well as the clothing it showcases. Here we see a collection of cotton tees, tanks, and speckled woolen ball caps donned by model Fergus Heathcote as he roams the streets. Graphics are a mix of bolder chest prints and more subtle front placements with larger graphics on the reverse, and I’m excited to get a closer look at the wool caps with felt lettering and adjustable leather strap. The whole lookbook was modified & layed out by Irish designer James Cullen, which has resulted in a considered piece of editorial that excels beyond the standard lookbook, looking much more like a magazine feature.

There is no doubt that a young brand has come in at a high standard here. I really see FucknFilthy as something to get a excited about, and this lookbook certainly gears me up for the release soon to follow. The FF2012/01 collection drops tomorrow, 18th July, 12pm GMT at FucknFilthy.

FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-1 FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-2 FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-3 FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-4 FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-5 FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-6 FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-7 FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-8 FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-9 FucknFilthy-FF201201-Lookbook-10

Luke Pinot

Co-founder of music blog Bass Ache and an active part of Bristol's music scene, Luke manages our mixtape series as well as contributing to other areas of The Daily Street.

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  • Standa

    Now this, is fucking incredible.

  • J,

    Puff. Good looking product and great look book. Look forward to seeing more.

  • Chris Airplays

    I’ve been looking forward to this.

  • cal

    So well done, awesome!

  • Ujay


  • Bout it.

    It’s about time something with substance & a bit of creativity came out of the UK, this brand nailed it, love the caps.

  • Scott

    Fantastic. Tomorrow, i’m all over it.

  • george

    Looks great, really strong collection. Presentation couldn’t be better.
    The only thing i can find fault with is my personal dislike to obscene words on clothing.

    It’s nice to see more actual designers getting in to gear and showing all these brands that pop up every 5 minutes, how its really done.

  • Dunce

    Good execution. Amazing what a little bit of pride and attention to detail can do!


  • james

    Is it not Irish? Taking a closer look at the brand the type “FF2012″ etc at the start is too posh and doesn’t suit the overall look they’re going for. The illustrations are a bit too tacky for my taste, but well done on putting this out there.

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  • Will

    ^ agreed on the font and illustrations

  • http://none Oliver

    Bent clothing worn by bent people who think they are cool because it’s different. Shower of muppets

  • DD

    Love the brand & love the site, will be getting a cap tomorow!

  • joe

    really great

  • WVWV

    Trilly ish in here, kudos.

  • Shane Ryan

    yes yes yes!! been waiting for this!!!

  • Kate


  • P

    I can see the caps flying out the store – one of them in my direction. Dope.

  • gully

    some ridiculous comments – i don’t see how the typefaces used would turn someone off that much, in any case, i think they look good and it all works really well. Very good indeed, the cap’s look fantastic and the overall quality of everything is spot on.




    None of this is actually designed by the Irish ******. He has built his website off of stolen images of real artists work, and is now trying to cash in on raping every sub culture under the sun by releasing clothes designed by other people and claiming them as his own. If you buy this shit you are a complete fucking mug…

  • dm

    ^ Not that I disagree with your stance entirely, but with respect:

    1) Lots of brands, big and small, commission designers to create work for them. It can actually provide an extra dynamic to a brand’s identity and result in a more varied and unpredictable collection.

    2) Most labels that you or I buy into are probably riding off of a culture of some sort, whether they are ‘legitimately’ doing it or not. Some people (Michael Koppelman included) argue that this scene really isn’t so much ‘fashion’ as ‘culturally-concentrated clothing’. We all wear t-shirts and caps but it’s the message and culture that it represents that build the following.

    3) I don’t like the whole tumblr / social network / branding via blogging framework and I agree with you so far as that I believe that it can encourage lazy designers (and children) to confuse developing and cementing their own brand with using the gravitas and respectability of another label (mentioning no names, we all know both the brands that get dick-ridden AND the brands responsible for this shoddy behaviour), but, in F’n’F’s defence, I’ve visited the website a handful of times and I often find articles about new, interesting material and without too much corn and cheese. Seriously, I can think of much worse offerings in the streetwear-blogosphere.

    As far as it goes with me, the caps look really, really nice. Certainly a breath of fresh air from the typical text-heavy snapbacks that have come into popularity recently. The t-shirt designs are up and down (As you might expect from works from different designers) but they have a theme and they run with it and I’m not yawning the instant I see them, so something’s been done well and props where they’re due. I never really got settled with the name, however.

  • P

    Wow, just went back to the web site to check out the caps again – let’s just say they ‘aint called FucknFilthy for nothing…

  • M1234

    Damn nice.

  • Baitreseller

    What?! The hats are so standard! The only thing they have is the leather back THAT’S IT! The t shirts are…meh. The only thing I would buy is the red bucket hat and that’s not even on their site!

  • illy

    The comments above are a bit silly, all brands commission designers too act upon a brief & illustrate ideas for them, and if you think that they don’t then you clearly don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Do you think James Jebbia and nigo sketch out every design that you see on their t shirts?

    As far as the “He has built his website off of stolen images of real artists work” that is a stupid statement, I personally have been massively helped by the exposure I received from a feature on FF, and when I check the site (which I do daily) I always see features on great new artists / photographers & brands, along with his photography which I love too, their may be inspiration posts with stolen images but they are rare so who gives a fuck to be honest, and I’m being frank here but I follow dozens of brands I likes blogs & none of them post as much quality content as the stuff I find on FF, a good effort in my eyes, wouldn’t wear all the tees but there’s some great ones in there & some lovely hats too.

  • DDD

    What a lot of people are forgetting here also is that the dude is 21, it’s a damn good start in my opinion, I’m supporting & can’t wait for what’s next.

  • Checz

    This is a lame collection of knock off’s and the fact the guys is 21 is proof if it were needed that he is just copying stuff he has seen else where on the internet. Over hyped, over priced, poor quality, zero creativity……..


    “Do you think James Jebbia and nigo sketch out every design that you see on their t shirts?” You fucking *******, obviously not anymore. But if you don’t know that they DID design the majority in the initial year’s of each brand’s beggining then i am afraid you are the one wthout a clue.

  • Lucien

    Just got my stuff, lovely quality.
    Excited to see what this brand has coming next.

  • YW

    Fav drop this year

  • Donbron

    Most unoriginal drop of 2012


    Loving this, great drop.

  • Standa

    Tis delicious.