Goodhood Celebration T-shirt


East London’s Goodhood are celebrating Hackney 2012 with this t-shirt that has some familiar design aesthetics…

One of the best parts about the Olympics and their extremely tight rules on what brands and advertisers can and can’t say (including words such as “gold”, “silver”, “bronze”, “London”, “Summer” in specific combinations) is to see how people get around it. It should be an Olympic sport in it’s own right.

Here we see Goodhood get involved and they take a risky shot, but it’s paid off. As far as we can tell, it doesn’t break the rules in any way and to be fair … it’s only our assumption that this is anything remotely related to London 2012. Perhaps it’s merely celebrating Hackney in 2012 with some of Goodhood’s favourite tube line colours involved? This quote from Goodhood probably gives the game away a little …

“Celebrate this Summer’s big event with one of our limited edition t-shirts. Perfect for athletes and spectators alike.”

These are very very limited in numbers (for obvious reasons), so head over to Goodhood now to get your Hackney 2012 celebration t-shirt for £35.

Goodhood-Celebration-Hackney-2012-T-shirt-01 Goodhood-Celebration-Hackney-2012-T-shirt-02 Goodhood-Celebration-Hackney-2012-T-shirt-03

Alex Synamatix

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