HUF Red, White & Blue Pack

As is often the story, this collection was a couple days late in hitting the UK, but I don’t see that hampering it’s sales too much. For this year’s Independence Day celebrations, HUF created a red, white & blue pack of caps, tees, and socks with the return of the 10k, Fuck It, and Plantlife designs.

Two 5 panels, 3 snapback caps, 2 tees and 3 pairs of socks are available, with the majority featuring new colour flips in previous HUF designs. The allover Stars 5 panel and Plantlife socks will likely be the first to disappear from shelves, and I’m sure they’ll be just what HUF fans are looking for.

Check them out here and head to Urban Industry to pick something up while they last.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • James

    boring and too easy!

  • george

    I remember the first time they released that plant life print for the 420 capsule…. that was the day i lost all respect for HUF. As soon as all the band wagon kids find a new trend to follow HUF will fade out and be forgotten.

  • joe

    Cheer up everyone.

  • Geoff

    @George….fade out? This isn’t some brand like Only – it’s a skater owned company with it’s own (and growing Pro team), producing quality footwear and then some accessories. Sure the 420 thing is pretty played by now but leave that to the Mall kids lapping it up in their Janoski’s and chinos.

  • george

    @Geoff – Yeah i used to really like what HUF were doing a lot, a really strong brand with a decent skate background. I can’t stand cannabis or anything about it for starters. (i appreciate a lot of people do and i’ve got no problem with other people enjoying it). But in my eyes, using that print over and over is just a sellout of what the brand used to be known for (its skate heritage). For a single capsule it would of been fine, but to release it every occasion they can in as many colours as possible is just money grabbing and boring.

    Earlier HUF stuff was really good, some great releases! It seems like they got some seriously un-imaginative designers took over when the 420 capsule was dropped. (maybe they’re too baked to even think now so they just copy tumblr trends and other brands)

  • Scott

    I respect Huf and the majority of they do, but this plant life stuff is absolutely horrendous… anything based around Cannabis and chucking it on a garment of some sort is awful. Their releasing a ‘High Times’ collection some point this year again too, which is equally as bad… it reminds me of all the cheap 420 style snapbacks you get in Camden. Not cool.