Moleskine All Black Notepads and Fluorescent Pens


Adding to their large collection of notepads, Moleskine go all-black-everything and dress it up with fluorescent pens.

We love it when Moleskine get a bit creative with their products. Let’s face it, a notepad isn’t the most exciting thing, but for some reason a few select brands have a habit of making it otherwise, and Moleskine at right at the top of that list. This latest variation sees the brand fill some of their favourite notepads with black paper. They’re like small pocket sized chalk boards in a way.

This new murdered out capsule collection has been designed for scrapbooking, photo collecting and fine arts projects, but to be honest, they’re just rad for anything (other than writing with a black pen). Available in four different shapes, Moleskine have made these in Pocket, Large and A4 formats, with the Large version also available as a Japanese Album with accordion pages.

To go along with these dark notepads Moleskine have made some refillable fluorescent pens, although they do not come with them as a pack unfortunately. To be completely honest, the best application here is the use of the Moleskine highlighter pencils. There’s just something about that matte pencil look on the matte black paper.

Launched two days ago, you can find these over at Moleskine now.

Moleskine_black_pages_albums Moleskine_black_page_japanese_album Moleskine Black Page Albums Moleskine_fluorescent_roller_pen Moleskine_fluorescent_roller_pens Moleskine-Black-Page-Album-video-01 Moleskine-Black-Page-Album-video-04 Moleskine-Black-Page-Album-video-02

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