Video: TDS Road Trip – Stores of the North

Video: Suffoca

After letting you all get familiar with the story of our more than eventful weekend to Manchester and Leeds, we can now show you the video.

What better way to start a week than to watch four bright eyed youngsters attempt the ridiculous? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and watching this video back brings up joyous memories of a fun adventure. In actual fact, you can see on our faces that for most of the first day we were in survival mode and not massively entertained by it.

All in all, it made for a good story and a fun video. With the skills of Boyce Suffoca behind the lens, the weekend couldn’t have looked more magical and the Jaguar looks stunning. We’ve included some of our favourite stills from the video below for your viewing pleasure

Again, big thanks to Auto Trader for gifting us such a wonderful car for the weekend. Don’t forget to read the full article for the gory details of how it all went wrong, kind of.