Skull and Bones Boys Club ‘Antichrist Bootcamp’ Summer Collection

The UK’s Skull and Bones Boys Club deliver their ‘Antichrist Bootcamp’ Summer collection of tees and fleece, with a couple of accessories to round it all out.

The collection has a strong DIY element to it, with all of the product hand printed and dyed by the guys themselves at their Sheffield base. The smaller front/back print shirt designs appeal to me most, like the tie-dye ‘3rd Edition’ and white Tipi shirt, both with nice illustrations on the chest. The drop also includes the ‘Stereoscopy’ shirt which comes with it’s own 3D glasses to bring to life the graphic on the front. The range includes a tank, a baseball raglan, two crewnecks and two pullover hoods, along with a navy blue, screen-printed windbreaker. Finally, SABBC also deliver two 5 panel caps two backpacks, both with embroidered detail.

This is a nice Summer range from the brand, my only criticism would be the lack of cohesion between pieces, as their doesn’t seem to me to be a central logo or recurring theme to tie it all together. That said, the lo-fi, do it yourself nature of it all does shine through. Take a look at some of the pieces below and if you wish to make a purchase, it’s all available from Skull and Bones Boys Club now. Alternatively, pick them up on facebook where you can enter to win the entire range.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • James


  • boba

    That video is on some “any Blazers in a UK4?” style shit

  • Alex

    Any one with eyes can see this is Tumblr **** territory. Don’t touch that with a bargepole.

    Got a shit tee you don’t know you can flog? TIE-DYE IT.

    Want other stuff then just tees? Get the cheapest, most ill-fitting stock you can find from your printer and just use that, then just proclaim that the baggy look is ‘in’.

    Also the very fact that the reviewer has said ‘There doesn’t seem to be any cohesion between pieces’ or basically any branding.

    So question, why the fuck would I care about it in the future? No identity. Yes it’s DIY and that’s great and all but 100’s are doing DIY and doing it better.

    Also the print on the ‘Antichrist (YAWN) Bootcamp’ hoodie is too low

  • Luis Morgan

    sooper wank

  • 420mansion

    BAIT shite. This satan crap is beyond kiddie.

  • D-Money

    What a wanky little tash

  • joshua

    Pretty awful, pretty boring.

  • A

    How come the posts with the most comments are always Negative comments. Doesn’t anyone every have anything nice to say any more ? TDS comments come like YouTube comments now

  • DMND

    @A if TDS didn’t keep posting these boring uk brands that all look the same then maybe the comments wouldn’t be so bad! I follow the uk street ware scene and there’s a lot of original brands out there that TDS never write about. Its a shame because every time TDS post about a uk brand these days its so predictable!

  • Suffocake

    @DMND feel free to put forward some brands that you feel we might be missing and we’ll do what we can to get them coverage. To be honest, most of the UK brand content comes from brands that submit their releases to us for review, and if we’re missing out on bits it’s often because brands haven’t sent it in.

  • M

    None of those clothes look like they fit

  • Alex

    No offence Suffocake but part of TDS should be scouting those brands worth a mention and covering them.

    Otherwise TDS will end up looking like the back sections of Front Magazine.

  • LC Train

    Met these guys at a party a few months back. Seemed like nice dudes, best of luck to them.

  • John

    Cheapest garments they could find – tie dye (yawn) or cheap printed ink shitty designs. yawn.



  • PP

    TDS is full of miserable c***s. Everyone thinks they’re way too cool for everything that comes out. I’ve followed these guys on facebook for a while and they work their arses off and have made a good living out of doing what they’re doing. What have most of you ‘critics’ done? Probably not as much as them….

  • Alex

    Bake, African Apparel, Droneboy, three labels in the UK that are doing interesting things.

  • Alex

    Oh and Enclave.

  • tabs.

    I don’t mean this is a bad way, but I don’t think this brand belong on here, I get what this brand are doing, and it shouldn’t be put next to the “Floral camp cap sat in a new york coffee shop at a laptop” kinds of brands that get rave reviews on here (when i say ‘rave reviews’ I mean a standard 50% slating and the other 50% defending the brand.) After checking out their sites I can see what SABBC are doing, and I totally dig it, I was mad into hardcore when I was a kid, this is rough and scary. I agree PP and DEE DEE about the negi feedback on here. This is a far too common and too be frank boring situation of negativity.

  • cal

    I don’t think people are being negative I think there genuinely voicing there opinion.

    At the moment there are many of these “DIY” brands and although TDS are doing what they say by keeping up to date with it all, I dont think people want to know about loads of up coming “DIY” brands.

    In my opinion I think TDS should review what “DIY” brands they put and maybe review and post about the best of the crop instead of posting every other day about a new “DIY” brand.

    Its great that TDS are keeping up with everything and delivering what the site promises but like some people I would like to see it cut down a bit. Then again this is just my opinion and i guess there’s people out there that would like to see these regular updates.

    Regarding the clothes its definitly got that “over sized, hardcore kid” influence going on. You never know they could go far but i highly doubt it IMO.

  • A

    DRONE BOY – comments last few TDS posts – 6,2,1

    BAKE – 7,2,0

    ENCLAVE – 23,4,5



  • FUB

    From what i can tell about these guys they are a new brand and fairplay to them. They havent gone down the root that most streetwear brands go. The bootcamp idea is something i havent seen before and it wasnt done in a poncey way either.
    This brand is aimed hardcore kids not your snapback/chino wearing crowd we see over populating our streets.
    And for those in the know ‘baggy’ tees is the norm in the boston hardcore music scene so i can see why they have used the sizes they have.
    They seem to have targeted their market early and not deviated from that. More brands need to use music influences instead of looking about at what other brands are doing.

  • Alex

    @FUB hardcore kids are the snapback/chino wearing kids.

    Where have you been?

  • omar

    totally trashy. No style.

    Really really crap. These guys have no clue.

  • a

    if all TDS comment crew got together, could make possibly the best brand ever……..

  • Cal

    im up for that !

  • Dunce

    That’s an interesting idea! It would be interesting to see what people DO like, rather than what they hate, Every negative comment needs to be qualified by a recommendation of an alternative piece of clothing/apparel that they’d buy instead.

    I think a lot of people on here don’t really have a clue what they like, its easier to dislike something than stick you neck out and like something for the risk of ridicule, apathy is easy.


  • A

    ^ yup. Bet a lot of the commenters HATED Jordan’s few years ago for example. But now. Buying anything with a jump man logo on it.