Vans Launch LXVI Footwear

In an interesting and very secretive move, Vans have launched a new range of footwear called LXVI, focusing on lightweight technologies and materials.

Consisting of five models, the LXVI range is Vans’ answer to lightweight footwear. We first became aware of it when a locked box with LXVI branding arrived at the office declaring that we would be able to open it a week later to discover what LXVI is really about. Pretty good way to make an entrance if you ask us. On opening the box, we were met by an incredibly well presented pair of LXVI Graph’s in a near all-black colourway. First thing to say is that they definitely are light!

It’s nice to see Vans really pushing themselves here. They can quite often be perceived as one of those brands that made a selection of classic shoes and are now just riding off those silhouettes, but this project really announces to the world that Vans are interested in taking things forward and in a big way. The materials are really nice; a super light UltraCush Lite midsole and outsole unit, RapidWeld stitchless construction and LuxLiner free-floating liner construction. All in all it makes for a very breathable and lightweight piece of footwear.

All of the shoes feature the UltraCush Lite midsole and PleasureCuff heel support (a rather amusing name), but only the Graph, Ortho and Inscribe feature the RapidWeld, which is what really excites me. Personally, the Graph reminds me of a Vans Era brought up to speed with technologies, but it’s not quite right. The large amount of material across the toebox doesn’t really allow much room for flexibility and can look a bit peculiar, however it does look much better on foot. I’m happy to see the Inscribe has a more considered design in regards to how the shoe is going to flex when walking. These supposedly intended to be skated in, while also being pitched as an everyday wear shoe, but I’m intrigued to see how long they’d last if skated properly.

As mentioned before, it’s great to see Vans really pushing the boat out and being adventurous in product design and I hope the LXVI range is something that continues to grow and be perfected as time goes by. You can see each model below and hold tight to be kept up to speed with other colourways in the near future.

The Vans LXVI collection is available now from key Vans stores and more info can be found at

Vans LXVI Graph:

Vans LXVI Inscribe:

Vans LXVI Ortho:

Vans LXVI Variable:

Vans LXVI Secant:

Alex Synamatix

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  • delarge

    personally i like them…
    i think the problem is, the people who buy vans and are a fan of them, won’t like the change in style
    because they’re so use to buying the originals. personally i won’t be buying a pair in the colourways that they have out
    but i will get a pair as soon as they bring out a nice colour set-up.